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Hospital Pharmacy Juice


Is any one aware of which type of steroids are available at hospital pharmacies, and what there exact medical names are?


Ha Ha Sounds like somebody just got a job as a janitor cleaning at a hospital!

Are you filling orders? Ha Ha


Yeah let me see your list!!




Any accurate info would be appreciated.


The pharmacies in all likelyhood won't carry any anabolic steroids. If they do, you are more likely to see steroids such as:

stanozolol, oxymethelone, and oxandrolone.

basically drugs used to counteract wasting and increase hematocrit. HRT type drugs will probably not be stocked, as most patients will use their home supply of these while in hospital.

Again as I said, it is highly unlikely that the pharmacy will have any stock of AAS.


I work in a hospital pharmacy and can tell you that our pharmacy doesn't have much of anything as far as AAS. The only real use for them would be in a dying patient in the hospital and usually patients get that stuff from speciality clinics or pharmacies. I have never entered any orders for steroids nor seen any dispensed there.


Is there anything that would be beneficial to someone in bodybuilding if so which one or would it be possible to order it without getting caught up.What im asking is this a completely hopeless connection>?


I have a bro that gets his Growth by prescription from a Pharm D. Gear makes people healthy, the pharmaceutical industry is no longer in that business, they are more interested in having people fat, drunk and stupid.


Fat drunk & stupid sounds like my worst nightmare. I've also been informed that they carry hgh, but the specific medical name of which i haven't been able to obtain. They also carry all forms of insulin which more advanced users incorperate. I'm not informed on the use of insulin and do to the high sides haven't looked into it. There is a search engine in the pharmacy where you have to put in the medical name to aquire if they have it on hand, would you happen to know the one for the hgh.


Not to be a poo-poo...
but you do realize you're discussing committing a felony over the internet, don't you? That your post and user name can be traced directly to you?

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Are you saying that a PharmD WRITES the prescription or FILLS the prescription?


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No kiddin'.

I don't think I would have used plural though. I would have gone with hypoglycemia and death.

If you wanted to use insulin-enhancing compounds instead of insulin, which is a lot less dangerous, you could go with meglitinides such as GlucoNorm or Prandin (two brand names same compound) or Starlix.

Low dose 15-20 minutes before your post workout drink and making sure that within 30 minutes you're close to a simple carb source and some slower ones after that (like oatmeal) to try and maintain some glucose in the blood.

The hypoglycemia will be function of the glucose you take in and could be somewhat dangerous. Still, you have to make sure there's no ice cream or pastries near you.



Yeah, cops must not have anything to do in Wisconsin if they are worrying over someone using a non-scheduled anti-aging drug for personal improvement. And everytime someone says, "I've got some bottles of MAG-10 stored up, can't wait to use thme." They are committing a felony, or at least talking about it over the internet, MAG-10 is a scheduled drug, schedule III to be exact, somatotropin is not federally scheduled. Get a life, quit pissing on parades.


I think he means that it sounds like this guy is looking to steal from a hospital pharmacy. Not the best way to get bodybuilding drugs. Not a good way at all actually. If you are a badass in SoCal, you shouldn't have any trouble finding drugs.


It was a very simple question. I'm overly excited that there are so many law abiding bodybuilders, but please keep your ethics to yourself. I understand that pct can make you unstable but Learn not to work with feelings so much, I don't give a fuck how you feel about it to put it bluntly. please read the initial post before you reply. Thank you brothers who actually answered the post.


Yea, next he'll be asking if anyone knows where little girls (or boys) hide out to be by themselves so he can rape them.

It's just a question, right? Ignore the motive behind it and just answer the question.

BTW killa, this is a little off topic but, do you have any daughters, young cousins or nieces?

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Oh, and if you think it's stupid to compare theft to rape, well both can lead to people dieing due to some idiot's selfish 'fuck the world' mentality.

That's like asking if anyone knows when a certain bank is most vulnerable.