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Horseshoe Heart for Cancer Research

volume ONE! ok, shoe is painted. plaque is complete. its just a sample for now, take to local bussiness’s and see if this is something they’d support in there store’s not to buy and re-sell but to sell and as stated have 100% proceeds go to various cancers, mainly breast cancer in this case.

this rough draft is pine, stained with a chardinet finish. a pastell powder pink was used for the shoe itself. now that i see it, i think the plaque will need to be a touch larger, especially if words like MOM or names are to be carved in.

im posting this for feed back mostly. opinions on how to make these lil crafts a bit better. maybe places that would be eager to help sell these. right now i think my bank would hop on it, i want to go talk to the hospital director and see about the gift shop helping out.

i’d also like to come up with a witty name/slogan for my little “operation” so far my best idea is “Get Bent designs-strength with purpose”

here’s a pic