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Horse Meat


So its looks like the other red meat is going to be legal here in the states


What do you all think about eating horse meat?


does it taste good? How much will it cost per lb?


Thib eats it so I will too.


so did this guy http://www.schwarzenegger.it/mro/nubret.jpg

And i think the horse meat will be the same price as steak maybe even a little cheaper


It's actually surprisingly good when eaten raw and dipped in soy sauce (or yakiniku sauce). The Japanese call it "Basashi"


For me, I gotta say the idea feels pretty taboo and not in a naughty fun good way...

I don't think I'd ever try it.


I hgihly recommend it as it is leaner and superior in muscle building components. meat from horses is a staple food in the diets of many African bodybuilders.




I am willing to bet it is cheap as hell when it first hits the market.

So many people, myself included, won't eat it that they will need to build a market.


Assuming the meat was regulated the same as every other meat, I'd probably have to try it out. The idea is kind of repelling but I imagine it'd taste/smell good. So, if it's healthy, why not?

If I can stomach crustaceans I can probably give horse a try. If you can eat something that close to a hexapod, a horse shouldn't give you much pause.


I had some in japan. It's actually one of the best meats I have ever had. I hadn't realized it was illegal in the states.


I was raised on it before I came to the US. Kinda tough, have you ever seen a fat horse ?


how is it normally prepared?




i think i would have to at least try it... i've been tempted to shoot one of the ground hogs behind my house and throw it on the grill


i have heard it is tough/sinewy too... that being said, nothing a few chains and corn/soy diet cant fix :wink:

...could also make a decent lean burger i suppose


Had some smoked horse meat here in Japan.

It was good. Real good.


Fellas, it's tough, pretty tough. Cooks quick because it is so lean. Very bloody, it is a staple in hospitals in Italy because of it's iron and hemoglobin content, supposedly helps you recover faster but I cannot account for that. Horses have almost double the blood a human has.

From an article I found...

"Beyond its taste, however, horse meat is also incredibly good for you, and is USDA-recommended. It?s low in fat, very high in protein, and has double the iron of lean beef and other meats. It also has a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, which help fight stroke, heart disease and neurodegeneration."

If you care to look for it, you might find it under a label of "Equine" for a more politically correct reaction than seeing a sign saying "horse meat" in the supermarket.



I love horse meat. Twice the iron, half the fat as most beef!

It's a little less flavorful than beef but can be had ground, or in steak form.

One of the best foods out there for weightlifters of all kinds imho.


Iron helps us play!