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Horror Stories


i knew a guy who did a cycle of test e at 700mg/wk for 12 weeks...before he got his pct... never got it in time...thus starting a cycle of topical d bol for almost 6 weeks while trying to find barely enough nolva to wake his balls up from hibernation...

he said he never got any sides..gyno...4 inch soft cock...

sometimes i wish the sides would be ever lasting..just to knock some sense into his dumb greek head.

anyone else have similar story to tell...


I did a cycle of 500mg test e and 200mg deca once.
I looked down on the scale and I noticed that every week it was going up.
further and further it kept going up there was no end to it I was shocked,I started to lift a little more each day and I was eating ALOT, and even though I was getting heavier I was getting smaller.
I mean whats that all about

then I dropped the deca and dropped the test and..........
ya I dropped the test and the deca. end of story.

did I do it right?


I once used AAS and got hyooge.

It was awful.


yea. you did it right.

"i sense some sarcasm.."

"good...because i was laying it on pretty thick.."


You really should get that check out.


OMG, that is awful.
I feel for you.


Steroids make your penis small, I mean like ridiculously small. Like it look likes a babies thumb. A wrinkled little babies thumb. Seriously. All from steroids....Or atleast thats what I tell people =(


You know, it doesn make your penis look smaller, compared to the rest of your hyooged up self.

I'm hoping to finally be in proportion at some stage, lol j/k :wink:


I knew a guy once that did the steroids. He got all big and strong and just grody. He also drank those steroid protein drinks. It was horrible.

Needless to say, we had an intervention and told him all he needed was NO-xplod, carrots, waffles, and a life size poster of Brad Pitt from Troy.

But honestly anything bigger than Pitt in fight club is pushing it in terms of shear mass.


Yeah I think too much muscle is ugly.

You should just try to "cut", do lots of cardio :stuck_out_tongue:


Got sent some clomid instead of anadrol, and clomid really fucks with me anxiety wise. I mean REALLY fucks with me. Did not end well


aweeee did hims cry alot :frowning:

sorry that sounded really bad but its still funny to me in the middle the night