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Horror Movie Thread

The Wailing (Korea 2016)

Recommended by @magick in the other movie thread…

There’s demonic possession, zombies, shamans and a whole lot of biblical shit going on in this horror/mystery film and I enjoyed every minute of it. What I loved about it was the seamless shifts in tone from comedy to horror and tragedy that Hong Kong film makers could do so effortlessly in the 80s and 90s until they started making mostly shitty big budget flicks for the China market.

If anyone is interested in more Asian horror mythology, check out Gong Tau: An Oriental Black Magic (Hongkong 2007).

Not a horror fan in the slightest however my bird watches some freaky shit and occasionally ropes me into watching something bizarre.

Such as I Saw The Devil.

If you haven’t seen it then kindly do the needful.

I am a Hero (Japan 2016) - Japanese Zombie Flick

I watched this last night in a near empty theater and it was AWESOME! The trailer doesn’t do it justice.

Just stay away from Zombeavers, that is unless you don’t mind being terrified around bodies of water.

“Lights Out” (2016)

A few tense moments, but aggressively generic and definitely forgettable. 5/10.

Or come to iowa stay in the Villisca axe murder house , where 8 people were killed by axe in 1912 . You used to be able to stay overnight in house for like 300 bucks a night . I think like 50% leave before end of night.

I had a conversation about something like that with my girlfriend the other night. Some friends of ours recently bought a house, and they got a great deal on it because there’d been a pretty grisly murder in it.

My girlfriend said she wouldn’t want to live there, which I think is just ridiculous.

I mean, the Earth is millions of years old. Know what that means? Dead people. Dead people fucking everywhere. If there is such a thing as ghosts, the fuckers must be crammed in tighter than folk at a music festival. Every old building has had death in it. It’s just the way it is.

At my moms house if a large truck passes by some of the doors shake , then i was staying upstairs, between apartment’s it seems like some crazy noises in attic. Come to find out a raccoon family had moved in and wild fights were probably the female fighting off male. The exterminator sprayed with male racoon urine and they moved out.

I live in an apartment building with 24 units, i am pretty sure their have been some murders in at least one unit. I know in apt 4 there have been many complaints of noise from apt above. Even when the people aren’t home. For the full ten years I’ve been here. I have witnessed it myself a few times as the resident in 4 grabbed me , and apt management to witness.

As of a year and a half they use the apt for maintenance storage, and miss out on money from rent. A freind of mine let me stay in her cabin for the weekend. Her cabin is set up a deck is wrapped around 60% of cabin, anyway i was watching yhe remake of Amityville. I kept hearing some walking around deck, it was freaking me out, until i realized it was a dear walking on deck.

I have spent the night in some of the most haunted places where I used to live, spent months in the jungle in the army where there was a shitload of death during the 2nd World War, sat through and assisted (asian)exorcisms, worked as a gravedigger, fucked around with thai religious ornaments which are supposed to bring physical harm to those who do that and I’ve seen NOTHING when everyone else around me swears they saw or felt some supernatural shit going on! NOTHING!

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I’m afraid of snakes. A lot of times I’ll see a “snake,” but on the 2nd look, it’s a crooked stick or a vine or something.

I came sort of close to having a paranormal experience. It didn’t happen to me so I can’t say for sure, but I was a witness. My girlfriend (now wife) when we first started dating said that her friends house was haunted so me, her, and a few others did an “investigation.” Lights out, cell phone cameras, EVP recordings, etc probing and asking questions. We didn’t get any voices but about an hour in my wife and another friend both slipped into a very odd trance-like state. We took pictures of them with the cellphone camera and a series of 5 consecutive pictures showed them being slowly enveloped in what looked like a yellow orb with two bright red dots (eyes?)

None of the other pictures we took showed anything like that and it was certainly abnormal. We had to kind of shake them awake to get them to snap out of it. When we put the lights on, i saw her face looked different. Its hard to really explain, but her facial structure was not the same in the immediate moments following. They both were not back to normal until we physically exited the house.

I personally felt NOTHING. But i definitely witnessed SOMETHING odd going on. Her face actually looking different convinced me that I wasn’t just getting pranked. She swears to this day (4-5 years later) that she was being influenced by a spirit somehow that night.

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yeah isn’t it strange that it’s only ever the people who believe in this sort of shit in the first place who actually report the shit happening to them. Guys like me and you never see ghosts. Funny that, eh?[quote=“dt79, post:49, topic:221671”]
sat through and assisted (asian)exorcisms

dude, you’ve got to go into more detail about this

You remember the guy I told you about? The idiot that thought he got a curse(Gong Tau) put on him in Indonesia during one of his usual weekend benders with some Chinese village whore? (Go watch that HK movie I posted above if you’re interested in this. It shows all the stages of the curse very realistically.)

This dude was convinced he was going to die during an encounter with a flying head(LOL!!!), which is the final stage of the curse. He made me drive him to various “magic men” of different religions and all of them told him there was a spirit following him. One said it was sitting on his back(see the ending of the Thai movie Shutter). I have to admit, that was some creepy shit.

2 of them did the usual shirtless dance with their eyes rolled back and slapped him around on his knees while attempting to verbally intimidate the spirit into leaving. When I was a kid, I sat through one where the “priest” told the victim’s family to literally kick the shit out of him to “chase the spirit away”. This was different from my friend’s situation because the “victim” was either faking a possession for some reason, or mentally ill. He was claiming there were needles under him when he sat or lay down(again, watch Gong Tau if you’re interested in this shit) and speaking in a different language and voice while doing a lot of cursing and spitting.

Ok, back to my friend’s 3rd “magic man”. This fucker made him kneel down and did a lot of nonsensical chanting and started throwing salt on him. Then he rubbed an egg all over his body. He cracked open the egg and there were 3 black needles in it. Supposedly this was the “evil stuff” that was placed in him and the curse was lifted. Obviously I knew there was a trick to it but I didn’t say anything as my friend was convinced he was fine after that lol.


Also, guys, think about it. Why do people in different countries and of different races, religions and cultures see DIFFERENT KINDS OF GHOSTS? Here’s an example. My wife’s cousin, who lives in China, swears she saw a “fox spirit” fly through her window and attack her lol. A “fox spirit” is supposed to be one that takes the form of a beautiful chick who seduces MALES and steals their “male lifeforce (yang qi)”. They don’t go for women. China has been religionless for so long and much of the pre-communist culture has been lost hence the stories also get screwed up so what her mind made up during that incident became some mixed up shit that doesn’t tally with the original mysticism.

yeah I remember you talking about the ghost head guy before. It’s so fucked up, particularly from a Western perspective because there’s just no frame of reference. I mean, obviously every culture has its weirdness and superstition, but in this part of the world there is just nothing like that, at least among the indigenous culture.

People from other countries bring it over here though, so it’s not unheard of. There was a pretty nasty case in London a few years ago where some little African girl was basically abused to death because her parents thought she was possessed by an evil spirit. They did horrible shit like beat her and rub chilli in her eyes. Kid was like 8 years old. It’s messed up because obviously the Western perspective is all like “horrible; how could they do that to a child?” but the people conducting the abuse were actually trying to help, albeit it in a fucked up way.

It’s fascinating in a dispassionate, cynical kind of way. Like, I don’t know exactly where you’re from in Asia but it seems to be that in that part of the world there’s this weird mix of Westernisation (for lack of a better term) and tradition, and the two are at odds with one another. Like, if you’re a young person in that part of the world, do you trust western medicine, or traditional superstition. It seems like an easy choice to make for people living where I live, but if you’re brought up around fucking shaman and shit like that your whole life it’s probably much harder.

Still planning a trip over there next year though. Vietnam, I think. Can’t wait; looks beautiful.

Yeah and I’ll take this chance to warn you guys in the West. Do not buy in to Chinese traditional medicine. It is all complete nonsense.

I’ve never been to Vietnam but I’ve had a lot of fun with Vietnamese strippers. You will love them. They’re all tiny little things and refer to themselves in the third person when speaking english lol.

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I’d be too worried about one of those chicks being like 13 years old

That’s why you need to check their passports/IDs first!