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Horror Movie Thread

I enjoy the other movie thread, but if anyone would like to participate I’d like to get a thread on horror movies going. I’m a huge fan of the genre but I feel 85% of horror movies are crap and cliche, so I was hoping to harvest some solid suggestions from other horror fans.

My personal favorites:

Insidious: legitimate jump scares, awesome music, and solid acting. James Wan knows what he’s doing.
Add to this the fact that this movie was released in the midst of the “beat the shaky camera to death” trend, and it was a welcome change of pace.

Quarantine/Rec: Quarantine is the American version. The original version (Rec) was Spanish. Both have unique sequels that are decent in their own right as well. Interesting story that is fairly straightforward and doesn’t waste time with useless clichés.

Last Exorcism: Not a great movie, but a great performance by lead actress Ashley Bell. Worth it to see just for her.

Some recent good ones I enjoyed were the Witch and the Conjuring 2.

I’m not a fan of gore and torture for their own sake (SAW, Hostel, etc.), though I do think gore and torture can be used to enhance a rightfully scary and disturbing movie (see: Martyrs.)

I thought The Witch was great. At first I wasn’t into it, but then I caught on to the “style.” It’s like perfect New England horror. Like Hawthorne or Lovecraft made a movie. I thought about it for a week after I watched it.

I enjoyed it so much, I started watching the teen melodrama “Salem.” I’m not gonna name names, but I’m not the only one here who watches that silly show. There is no way I saw/heard the term “Terra Incognita” twice in the same week, by coincidence.

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Yes, the Witch transcended horror I think and was a good movie in its own right. Haven’t seen or heard of Salem!

Stake Land (2010) - I highly recommend this.

It Follows - Would have been a horror classic if they didn’t screw up the 3rd act.

Let Me In - I thought this was better than the original.

Can’t really recall others in recent years worth mentioning at the moment. I watch a lot of B Grade horror movies for the comedic value though (Hatchet 2), both old and new, if you’re interested.

If you’re into foreign films, definitely check out The Wailing (https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_wailing/) if you can.

The movie’s plot-lines becomes thread-bare near the end, but suffice it to say that the film is INTENSE.

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Cool. I think I’ll check this out too lol.

Other recent Korean horror films I enjoyed:

The Priests (2015)

Train to Busan (2016)

I watched that yesterday.

It’s a solid “zombie” film, but I’d rather say that it’s more a disaster film where the disaster is the zombie outbreak.

The film’s emphasis is on familial relationships and how people must ultimately work together to survive in the face of catastrophe, and that makes it better than most random zombie films.

I think that’s what makes good zombie films good. They’re not really about the zombies. The TWD comic and 28 Days Later are both good because they’re ultimately about how people may react in the face of unthinkable events.

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I think the Conjuring 2 is a PoS.

It really didn’t help that the Enfield Potergeist case is extensively documented, to the point that the film has to pretty much account for all of the note-worthy things about said case while still trying to make a convincing horror film.

I thought the film became a muddly, incoherent mess that runs WAY too long as a result. I started wondering just how much longer is the film going to run about a third of a way in.

I agree with you on the Saw movies hostel movies Exedra, somebody told me Insidious was scary the horror movies with too much CGI nowadays , the last time I was scared watching a movie was the remake of Amityville one of my girlfriends has a cabin I was staying for the weekend the deck takes up two-thirds of the circumference of the cabin , anyway some deer will walking around on the patio deck scared the s*** out of me. John Carpenter said if there were no rules I could making a movie that could give people PTSD. No thanks. When i was a kid i was paranoia about using toilet because of giant alligators in sewer.

I have watched a ton of the horror movies on Netflix. A bunch of them are garbage, but I did enjoy Hush, The Hallow, Late Phases, The Horde, and Dark Was the Night.

you always post these awesome looking horror films which I can never seem to find anywhere.

(because I don’t pay for movies)

One of my favourite horrors of recent years was Sinister

The Witch was ace. @dt79 you should definitely check it out if you have’t already

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Awesome replies everyone. Adding these to my list as me and my wife are always looking for new horror flicks to try out. I’ll post again when I see them or others

Come on. They’re all on Netflix. It’s fucking cheap!

Demons - the entire movie can be found on youtube.

Just recalled these:

Rigor Mortis (HK 2013)

If you have watched 80s Hongkong Vampire horror comedies, this movie will fucking blow your mind. It’s an art flick. Also on netflix.


Interesting low budget “zombie” flick where people get infected by words in the English language.

Mama (2013)

One of the better mainstream horror films with a lot of jump scares.


I saw Mama in theaters, it was better than the vast majority of cliché films out there but I wasn’t crazy about it. I felt it leaned more toward Thriller than Horror.

Another I forgot is “The Possession.” Family unknowingly purchases cursed “Dibbuk” box at yard sale for young daughter. The exorcism scene was pretty good.

Anyone seen “The Devil Inside?” I thought it started great but ended way abruptly and disappointingly.

I got really pissed at the ending lol. But I like horror films with Catholic themes. They seriously creep me out.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose was pretty good.

Agreed, Emily Rose was a good one

duuuuude I meant the Korean ones. Priests and The Train To Busan are nowhere to be found.

Demons totally kicks ass. I’m pretty well versed on trashy 80s B-movies but I do defer to your awesome knowledge.

Oops I saw the Train to Busan dvd for rent there but I just found out it’s only for US customers. Sorry!

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