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Horror Movie Stories


What was your first horror movie you ever watched, how old were you, and what scene/character/etc effected you the most?

Mine was Children of the Corn. I was during or right after kindergarten. I had woke up really early and thought it was a good idea to watch TV. My parents must of left it on HBO at the time and when I turned it I saw the very end of some other movie and continued to watch Children of the Corn all the way through.

I wasn't really too freaked out because most of it was above my head. The only thing that gave me the creeps (why I can still remember it) was in the beginning some characters made a pledge that included: "Stick a needle in your eye." The thought of putting a needle in your eye was almost too much for me.


I accidentally saw Nightmare on Elm Street when I was YOUNG. Like kindergarten - 1st grade? Didn't really disturb me much but years later it's definitely my favorite genre.

Also, saw Last House on the Left pretty young too. Wasn't even that bad because I wasn't really old enough to process the audacity of what was happening, haha.


The Crawling Hand(BW). I was five or six. Some dude was stuck in space and they had to blow it up at his(hand guy) request. I'll always remember him screaming "PUSH THE RED BUTTON" lol. Freaked me out big time. Of course his hand fell back to earth or some such and went on a killing spree.


I think my first horror movie was one of the Leprechaun movies lol. I think I was around 5 or 6 and even then I thought it was fucking ridiculous.

But I saw Seven when I was 9 years old. Scared me to fucking death, and it still does.


Seven didn't scare me, but of course I was 16 when it came out. BTW thanks for making feel old :slight_smile:

The first movie to scare the crap out of me was The Exorcist. I watched a re-run of it when I was like 12 and didn't sleep well for a few nights.


Ernest scared stupid...shit I still have nightmares (Shudder).


I actually watched Hellraiser the other day on netflix and was laughin my ass off. God what a good time.


I don't recall exactly how something like this could happen, but I have to imagine early morning HBO was involved somehow as well. When I was 5 I saw Poltergeist. It fucked me up for YEARS.


Friday the 13th III... I was about 6 or 7... couldn't sleep for weeks...


The sixth sense scared the shit out of ten year old me. I don't remember my first horror movie, honestly.


Got you beat, I was off work sick a couple weeks back and I watched all EIGHT Hellraiser movies.


Silver Bullet.

Watched it alone, parents were out, must have been 7 or 8? Scared enough to let the VHS tape finish and rewind itself.


I saw the TRAILER when I was 8 or something. Not something I wanted to watch.


There's 8?! Oo Didn't they stop being good after the first one? =D

I honestly can't remember my first horror film. My parents were complete horror buffs and used to go to the drive-in every Friday night to see some dodgy horror double bill ever since I could remember. Talking from 1979-80 onwards when I was around 7 or so. I used to collect Fangoria magazine as a kid as it was the best way I could disassociate myself from the screen horror and remind myself it wasn't real. I'd play a game trying to work out how they created the prosthetic effects.

But the first one I remember vividly was Halloween. Damn that movie was impressive.

Ed- Oh...and the original Dawn of the Dead. I remember seeing that at the drive-in though I'm sure there must've been some Argento horrors I saw before then, but blanked out. Dawn of the Dead was an impressive movie and still holds weight as a satire on consumerism, though of course I didn't get that when I was a kid. I just remembered the biker getting his guts ripped out (my first appreciative glance at Tom Savini's work) and the protagonist who slowly turns into a zombie. Scary shit at the time.


In 3D! Lol...I remember this one as well. Or I remember one specific scene where Jason fires a fishing harpoon or something right at the camera. The rest is the usual Jason blur of mayhem.


I'm showing my age here, but the original "Creature From The Black Lagoon" was probably the first for me at elementary school age. It made me scared to go in the water years before Jaws came out.


Holy shit, right enough! Didn't they bring out a 3D version of that as well? I seem to remember wearing the standard issue blue & red paper glasses and watching it. ;p


I only ever saw it on an old black & white TV set my parents had in the late 60's.

If you'd have asked me back then which was scarier, that creature or a shark, I'd easily have replied "that creature".



Understandable! The creature-suit was a total success, especially considering when the film was made.


So who here recognises this little gem