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Horrible Symmetry, Please Help!

Hey guys, I got into a pretty severe motorcycle accident about a year and a half ago. I have just been able to workout these past 6 months and I am experiencing some pretty extreme symmetry problems.

My left pec has become thicker but not longer. It seems to tuck or crease if you will a lot sooner than my right, which, according to my picture looks more developed than the other. What I have currently been doing is working to the full potential of the maimed (left) arm/shoulder. (example: i can only curl 35 lb DBs with my left arm and 45s with my right.

So, I curl 35 with both.) And my right side still seems to be building better, if not better at least different. I have been told unilateral will simply create more problems with symmetry involving your core.

My wife’s uncle said he broke his collar bone and worked Hammer Strength machines to the heaviest weight of each side which was obviously quite a difference and he said that at first he looked like a fiddler crab with one side bigger than the other and that then his body naturally evened itself out. Now, that just sounds silly. But he said that is what he did.

This problem is getting worse and I would really appreciate any input, previous experience or not.

Thanks a ton fellas.

Attached is a picture of myself. The side with the tattoo is the retarded side. In the accident I had broke the upper arm bone, the outside forearm bone dislocated from the elbow and my elbow broke into three pieces. They installed 2 long plates, one on either side of the elbow that meet at the elbow and there are 18 screws.

I had stretched a nerve which caused me to be unable to open or close my fingers or raise my hand at the wrist. Making my left hand and basically arm useless. They atrophied and I had to have physical therapy. I still feel a lot of weird nerve twangs now and then…

try doing only unilateral exercises for six weeks.

always do more sets and what not on the week side
good luck

well, two things mainly, #1, good luck, #2, if you ever get it sorted Please let me know what you did haha

i injured my right shoulder long ago, continued working out, gave myself all sorts of complications, and now, even though we got there different ways, i’m pretty much in the same boat, with severe differences, and i’m quite convinced that if you can get it sorted, you’ll grow better because its constantly holding you back, physically and mentally (is me anyways)

make sure the support is there (ie scapula since that whole side probably atrophied, i know mine did Big time),

and everything is in balance and proper working order (leave no stone unturned)…and from there, atleast you have a solid base again to build on…other than trying to do that, i do lots of extra sets, and i feel like it might be coming around, but i question if it’ll ever be like it was “supposed” to

again good luck

After much reading and pondering I think I will do only unilateral exercises but with the same weights and sets as the good arm. But, I am going to use weights that my left arm would deem necessary.

That way my right side will not be able to grow any bigger but still maintain, i hope, haha. I guess I’ll give this 6 weeks and then post another picture. Since I’m as juicy as an orange this should probably be enough time to see some changes. Wish me luck!