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Horrible Supplements


Just curious what are some of the worst tasting supplements you have tried, preferably pre-made (liquid form)


rice protein. Bleurgh!


Xpand by Dymatize, circa 2010.

A preworkout that tasted like battery acid and wasp stingers. Nope.


Nothing beats drinking unflavored BCAA’s, nothing…


you’ve clearly never had rice protein


I had some junk a guy I knew was trying to sell- pure, unflavored whey protein powder with no additives or flavorings. It clumped into chunks and had a bitterness/burnt hair taste that clung to your mouth like a fresh coat of paint.


Pea protein! Makes you feel great, tastes like… well…I can’t really say thay I have ever tasted anything like it :confounded:


Pea protein. Vile muck.


All these just sounds like horrible ideas to begin with


I did this once, tasted like Burnt tires.


I’ve never tried rice protein or pea protein, but unflavored BCAA’s are the worst I’ve ever tried.


I once combined Superfood and Mag-10 so…


Unflavoured hydrolised whey, makes me heave just thinking about it.




Or creatine


I have some in the cabinet, organic even. Decided I didn’t want muscles THAT bad. :laughing:


@IronAndMetal @ChickenLittle

The only way I could make this palatable was to add cocoa powder, I tried every thing to mask the taste and this is the only thing that balanced it out.


I’ve no clue what burnt hair tastes like… Must be bad.


Cocoa powder…never thought of that. I kept trying to add various sweetners (aspartame, etc).

Maybe @ChickenLittle will want muscles that badly now! hehe


I did the same, tried lots of mixtures, worst one was in pure orange juice. Cocoa works I promise!