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Horrible Shoulder Pain While Benching

Two weeks ago I started feeling a small pain in my shoulder but as it wasnt anything big I tried to calm it down with some ice and mobility.
Next bench session it was a bit bigger but still not enough to keep me from training. I trained as usual and it went quite good.
It was today where I couldnt bench because of the pain that it created when the bar was near my chest and while the pressing part.
Lately I switched to low bar squatting but I dont think thats the problem. Anyone has felt something like that? Some suggestions or solutions?
Btw Im on the last week of a 5/3/1 cycle so next week is a deload and I’ll rest but there’s any possibility of ending the cycle with a good bench training?
Thanks for reading :heart:

I had this before. I switched to dumbbell bench for my next couple of bench days. My shoulder hurt when the bar was near my chest and cracked a lot. I started doing reverse flyes and cable face pulls. After 2-3 weeks everything went back to normal.

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Thanks for answering mate!
Did you also do mobility work or stretching?
I’ll hit tomorrow dumbbells and those exercises if it doesnt hurts and I’ll tell you how it went

Yeah give up benching for a couple weeks. Stretch these hard immediately post workout…


I did mild stretching with bands after the workout.I didnt consider my pain “horrible”,maybe a 6/10 .
Athlean X has two or more videos about benching pain,you might want to check them out.
Another thing you can do to prevent shoulder pain is maintain greater tightness on bench and get a closer grip to relieve your shoulders. I used to bench very wide when I started and my shoulders would pop and crack. Now i bench with a much closer grip.

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Thanks again! Mine is about a 6/10 but when I start benching it gets worse so tomorrow will try that and see the result. Also I forgot to say that the pain is only benching but I can still do military press without any problem. It should be caused by pressing the scapulae against the bench or something

Yeah tomorrow I’ll try dumbbell presses but if it keeps hurting I’ll just stretch and work my shoulder mobility. Thanks man

You might have tweaked your pectoral tendon.

Are you doing a bodybuilder style bench or more of a powerlifter style bench?
Definitely agree with laying off the bench for a while to allow the joint some time to heal.

I had a similar issue after an injury from rugby. I actually lost sensation in my right arm for a little while. Lots of soft tissue/MRT work to get through. If you have access to an Airrosti clinic, you might want to check them out. They’re expensive but they will get you feeling better. Make friends with a lacrosse ball and grind the mess out. There’s some good videos on YouTube for lacrosse ball work.

Coming back from injury I bought a slingshot and had to re-learn how to bench. Lots of face pulls, scap punches, and rehab work as well. Going back to benching, I can’t remember where I heard it from but I did a lot of high rep work against light resistance bands to both warm up and after doing my bench workout. It’s still not 100%, but it’s a hell of a lot better than it was before.

Hate it for you man.

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Powerlifting style for sure! Now I dont feel indestructible anymore. However I’ll still keep training and focus on squat and deads until it gets better. Definetely Im going to catch up with lacrosse ball and foam roalling. Today was the first day without benching and I already miss it.
Long live the iron

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I dont know what to think at this point anymore mate but I’ll just do my best to get back stronger than before

Just thought of something that might help. One thing that’s a helpful training cue to keep your shoulders in position and back engaged is pulling the bar apart hard. Something I used to do (and am about to start doing again- just dropped off my radar for some point) that really helped is benching with a resistance band pulling your wrists in. This helps reinforce the cue and really engage a lot of the supporting muscles that keep your shoulders in better position (from what I’ve been told). It doesn’t have to pull hard, but needs to be tight enough to actually have to pull out against it to get your hands in position. I would do this when working between 40 and 80%. Give it a try.

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I dont know you but you are saving my ass mate!
Today I did some reverse flies, pull aparts, band dislocations and face pulls and it went quite good. Then I tried to do some bench with dumbbells but the pain was still there although it was smaller. I stopped it as I felt it.
Now Im going to put some hot stuff on my chest and some lacrosse massage


Good news guys, the pain is gone, at least for doing push ups. Tomorrow I’ll try some db bench but ultraligth and if it still hurts, I’ll just give it another week before doing anything

Im not totally sure, but tomorrow migth be the day. With all your suggestions it has been quite easier than what I thought

Good luck man. When I was 19 I hurt my left shoulder attempting 340 or 345 can’t quite remember which. It was during the Superdrol times when that stuff was everywhere. Ever since then… slight pain, if not during the lift it’s the next day or two. No flat bench for me, mostly db inclines. Occasional flat db from time to time

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Thanks man and good luck for you too. Its hard not to flat bench with powerlifting goals so I’ll take it easy until Im ready again

You can focus on your dead lift and squat, smashed my toe two days ago with a 45 plate. I wont be squatting or dead lifting anytime soon.