Horrible Sad Story (Laura Cummings)

This has got to be one of the worst stories I have read in a long time! There is so much wrong with this story and so much disappointment I don’t know where to start.


Found the article on Drudgereport.com, I am glad they are getting the story out there!

As sad as this is, it seems nonsensical to be able to charge a family member with “hate crime” against a family member.

I would nullify on that basis alone.

I agree that calling it a hate crime due to her status of mentally handicapped is stretch. In fact I think the whole hate crime enhancement idea because the victim belonged to a particular group is ridiculous. The color or sex or creed of the victim should not dictate the punishment, the facts of the actions taken should.

That being said, if the story is correct about the level of abuse involved and that causing her death, these folks need to die very slowly.

[quote]JackedGunz wrote:
As sad as this is, it seems nonsensical to be able to charge a family member with “hate crime” against a family member.[/quote]

Doesn’t seem that nonsensical to me. I mean, sure, if it was racially fueled, then it wouldn’t make much sense, but the “normal” family members treating the different family member like that could easily been seen as a hate crime.

I take great pleasure in seeing that women face in anguish and distraught. No sympathy will be coming my way when you think about how that poor lady died at the hands of her own flesh and blood. I hope they both get whats coming to them.

May Laura rest in the peace that she never knew, and let her mother and brother go through the hell they put her through.

^ x 2

Wow. That’s horrible.

People fucking suck. Chalk up one more point for my “the world is going to shit” list.

I actually feel properly depressed and sick now.That is just…wow…

Hmmm some more sad shit from the world…What’s new? I love how in the picture you see the mother with a face of remorse/sadness. Yet she could sleep well every night before all this knowing what her and her son did to her own flesh and blood day in, day out.

Fuck “imprisonment” Bring her and her son to the city square and “off with their heads” for all the people young and old and the “would be twisted fucks” to witness.

“I don’t believe in an eye for an eye. I believe in two eyes for an eye.” -Bas Rutten