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Horrible PIP with Test E and Test P in Same Pin

Whatsup guys. I’m struggling bad this morning. Three days ago I did my first pin with 100 mg test e and 75 mg test p in the same pin, and that was in the right glute. It flared up over the weekend and there was extreme pain and a hard knot, and swollen to the point of it almost showing. So I chalked it up as a bad injection maybe I didn’t go deep enough or went to fast whatever… so yesterday Morning I switch glutes and done my test 100 and test p 75 in my left glute and holy shit I’ll be damned if I didn’t wake up and couldn’t get out of bed and it’s just as bad or if not worse than the right side… and once again swollen and knitted up… no fever or it’s not hot around the site but it is extremely painful and It was a struggle to put my boots on this morning for work.

I’m wondering if it’s because I’m doing both in same pin because I’ve been on cylce for a couple weeks and done about 5 test e pins and like 4 test p pins BUT they weren’t in same syringe. Have you guys ever heard of this? Is it because I’m doing them in the same pin? I know test p causes more pip but I don’t even know if I would call this pip… more like a huge swollen knot that hurts so bad I can’t even move my legs lol… please someone tell me I’m all good. Or that maybe it’s because I done both in same pin… That’s the only two times I’ve done same pin with test p and e and both times it fucked me

It’s the test p. Always has bite. Combine that with the possibility that the carrier oil doesn’t agree with you and that’s a recipe for a bad time.

I’ve drawn them both up and pinned together many times and yes, there a little pip from the prop but I’ve not had issues to the extent you describe.

Yes it’s been a very bad time… but it’s weird because the two or three pins I’ve done with just test p went completely smooth compared to this… a little soarness that lasted about a day but nothing like this lol… what would cause it to knot up like that tho? Just the reaction or is it something else that’s common with prop

I’ve not had any knotting issues with prop personally. Only thing I can figure is maybe not injecting it properly(no insult intended). Or there’s something in your prop that’s causing a reaction. My wife used to inject in my glute and for some reason, she would knot my ass up nearly every fuckin time lmao. So I said fuck this and started doing it myself in my quads and have not had any probs since.