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Horrible Flu at END of Cycle?

Just finished 10 weeks of test cyp. (250 mg twice per week), 10 mg Nolva throughout the cycle and 25 mg Provion. About 1 week after my last shot, I got incredibly sick (puking my guts out, 102 temp, no energy, etc.) Despite aggressive PCT, lost 12 pounds in first week of flu. I wanted to through the scale through the window everymorning when I got on it and saw all of my hard earned muscle eating itself away.

Question: has this ever happened to anyone, and if so, did it happen again on the next cycle. Also, is it unusual to get the “flu” at the end of your cycle. Is there anything I can do to prevent it or was this just a random flu that I happened to catch at the worst possible time.

I had great gains and would love to do another cycle when my test gets back to normal, but I don’t know if I can go through that flu again. Any imput is much appreciated bros.

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I just “happened” to get a really bad stomach virus while on a cycle of test cyp. I’m not sure if the cyp was the cause of the illness, but I think androgens have an effect on your body’s immune system that’s not well understood. I’ve always gotten flu symptoms from Sustanon, but never have I gotten sick from test enanthate for some reason. I’m not sure if it’s the ester that’s the culprit, or if certain androgens cause an auto-immune response in the body similar to an allergic reaction.

I survived the nastiest strain of influenza I’ve ever seen becasue of my cycle at least I believe it was because of that, I was in close contact with people that were hospitalized with it briefly and never even caught an inkling of symptoms. I was to say the least quite happy with that. I’d say you were just unlucky, not test related

Thanks. I think I may have just been REALLY unlucky in getting the flu. Doesnt the “test flu” ususally occur at the beginning of a cycle, when the new agents are introduced in your system? I was fine in the beggining.

This might sound like bull but I got flu like sick useing some animal grade gear from mexico. Never on the stuff made for humans.

I know it was the gear because it was a bottle I used for two different cycles and got sick after useing it both times. Switched bottles and tossed it and didnt get sick after that.

I think that sometimes the cleanliness standards are a little low outside of this country.

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