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Horrible Day IMO

I was planning a cheat meal at KBBQ for a meeting and so I tried to create a somewhat calorie deficit for the week but yesterday I was invited to a party and lets just say the calories were crazy. I also planned on doing legs today before the bbq so that my legs would be primed to take the kbbq calories as muscle and not fat. But then my workout got cut in the middle of my first set of squats which are my first exercise!!!
Basically got 2 minutes worth of working out and my calories are screwed and now I’m heading to the bbq (kill myself ahahahhadhhd)
What do I do?
Train legs tomorrow? (Along with the workout planned tomorrow)
Eat less at the bbq?
Goal: I’m trying to bulk with minimal fat gains while still enjoying foods by doing an intermittent fasting protocol which I just screwed up with

It is 1 day of training and eating. Nothing you do in one day will have significant impacts one way or the other.

You have been told this before.

And don’t end a sentence with a preposition. It’s not an error or anything, it just looks bad.


Youre worried about the small stuff and this part concerns me:

I dont’ know why you’re creating a caloric deficit and intermittent fasting if you’re trying to bulk? Is this something Greg O Gallagher told you to do?

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Keep it simple man.

Eat, lift, go be a teenager. Forget about the goofy diet crap.


Kid is angsty AF over one interrupted workout. I remember when minutiae was super important.

@kickassgum there’s a world class strongman who works two jobs with a family and trains at like midnight. Arnold was taking 8 hours of acting classes and buying investment real estate while training for the Olympia. You can work around missed workouts. Just chill and work the process.

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I did the same thing once, while in HS. I’m still not jacked today, 10 years later.


Haha yea :((

True true but I’m natural if that matters lol

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I don’t know why youre going to come here asking for advice and not follow it.

We’ve been telling you for months not to sweat the small stuff, to do your compound movements, and to not cut/fast/go into a caloric deficit. If you can’t even bulk the regular way, what makes you think you can do it in hardmode with IF?

If you’re gonna go do shit that Kinobody tells you, just hire him.

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Is it really worth ever training again after this devastating set back?


Sorry everyone I forgot to mention that I was freaking out not only because of that but starting monday, I work a new job monday-saturday right afterschool until midnightish so it’s literally impossible to workout anymore as compared to my 6 day routine. That’s why I tried to get as much done as possible before I basically have to retire haha. Also on this subject, how concerned should I be if I can only workout like 1 or 2 times now? Please you dont need to sugarcoat it… i know muscles need to be damaged or trained in order to exist so will i probably lose muscle or strength training once or twice as compared to my 6 day PPL?

You are really overestimating the effect the program has if you are running it with purpose and commitment and it is not retarted.

The difference between being elite and a contender, yes. The difference between a strong guy and a weakling, no.

If you can only train a few times a week, there are plenty of good while body programs out there. It’s not optimal for bodybuilding, but it’s a heck of a lot better than hitting 3-4 body parts per week.

There are plenty of programs that can be run 2-3 days a week

Following kinobody/greg ogallagher’s bullshit is more detrimental to your goal than missed a few days a week.

First of all, your comment about being natural has nothing to do with time management or freaking about minutiae. You can get results while busy. Other people do with and without drugs.

When do you have to be at school in the AM? Is it possible to wake up and train in the mornings? Will your gym teacher let you train in the school gym during your 1 hour lunch? If you ask him humbly and nicely he might allow that. How much time after school before work? Is your gym open at 1230 AM when you get off work?

Also for training twice per week a full body routine like stronglifts 5x5 would be my pick. Especially for a teen. I forget who they plagiarized that from… maybe bill star.

What you have to ask yourself is: how bad do you want it?


Actually, six hours of sustained and diligent effort at just about anything will probably have a better effect on your overall condition that following one of those dick beaters from YouTube.

Certainly better than x-box.

Plus what Basement said.

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I hate to say it, but dude’s a lost cause.

Look at his post history. He freaks about the same thing and continues to do his caloric deficit and intermittent fasting every few months. Quads Won't Grow , Stats for 'A Base of Muscle" Before Cut? , Bulking Gone Wrong?

He wants to get big, but freaks out about getting fat because he cant see striations in his abs when he sits down. Teen Bodybuilding and So Many Questions

Despite all the valuable information shared with him, he’s trying to work off Kinobody’s free content. And I wouldnt be surprised if he paid. Then he does all these Mens Health workouts with like 20 different exercises Stats for 'A Base of Muscle" Before Cut?

Dude thinks sleeping on his chest is limiting his chest growth: Sleep Position Affecting Gains
Dude already asked about missing leg day: Missing Leg Day Okay?


A ‘horrible day’ is going to your place of worship then having your brains blown out, while deep in prayer, by some lunatic.

Cutting a workout short ffs😂


Honestly, I figured thats what this post was going to be about until I saw the username.