Hormonophobia and Supplemntphobia

How many of you read or heard from so called experts that protein or creatine will damage your liver, shut down your kidneys, or just the pure unadulterated evil that is “Dietary Supplelments”? What about testosterone? What do you think is the immediate, and emotionally based reaction these same so called experts have when they hear or see the word TESTOSTERONE?

Below I have the conclusion of a great paper on the dangers of testosterone. I share this because I believe similar groups of nut jobs provide very weak studies to support the dangers and lack of efficacy for sports supplements. Granted, not all supplements work, but they are much less dangerous then portrayed.

Check it out:
“The use of weak studies as proof of danger indicates that cultural (i.e., nonscientific) forces are at play. Negative media stories touting T’s risks appear fueled by antipharma sentiment, anger against aggressive marketing, and antisexuality. This stance is best described as â??hormonophobia.â?? As history shows, evidence alone may be insufficient to alter a public narrative. The true outrage is that social forces and hysteria have combined to deprive men of a useful treatment without regard for medical science. Morgentaler A. Testosterone, cardiovascular risk, and hormonophobia. J Sex Med 2014;11:1362â??1366.”