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Hormones Out of Whack. High TSH, High Estradiol, Normal T

I’m a 30 y/o male with a newly diagnosed condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which is a connective tissue disorder. It affects all things that are made of collagen. Basically I have issues with my skin, allergies, joint instability, gut, etc.

I was diagnosed 2 years ago when it really got bad. For years I have had low testosterone, low LH, high cortisol, high ACTH.

Today, I went and got my blood done and found out that my blood work looks really different. Here it is

So, my TSH seems high. I was usually in the 0.9-1.3 range. In the last year+ I have a lot of hair loss from all over my body and extreme lethargy and weakness. with all the problems that I have, I did not know what to attribute it to exactly.

Another thing that really seem out of the ordinary is the high estradiol? What do you make of that?

And the thing that surprised me most is that my LH,FSH and testosterone seem all normal. I will say that for a couple of months or so I did not ejaculate. I have 0 sex drive and I feel much, much better if I don’t cum. After I cum I’m depressed and it lasts days.

I know that the blood test is very limited. Alot of tests are missing. So having seen that, what else should I need to check? I’m not from the US(Israel), so it may not be as easy, but i’ll do my best.

Thank you very much.

Your TSH is a little elevated, but isn’t enough to diagnose thyroid issues as no “thyroid hormones” (fT3, fT4, rT3) were tested. Your of Total T measurement (inactive) doesn’t really tell the whole story, the free portion of testosterone should be checked along with SHBG and if elevated high enough, then Free T can be suppressed even though the Total T is elevated.

Your E2 is only slightly elevated for a natural guy not on TRT. You need more testing.

  • Thyroid -> TSH/Free T4/Free T3/Reverse T3
  • CBC-complete blood count
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • Lipid profile/panel
  • Free T
  • SHBG

TSH is high. It should never be that high. System and I disagree on this.

There is no way anyone who understands thyroid would say a TSH at the upper range is not abnormal. It should be close to 0. 1 is fine.

The fact is men and women with thyroid issues feel serious fatigue as you mention and because of this symptoms I would definitely get some armour thyroid and give it a trial run.

Tsh is telling the thyroid to produce more… unit is top of range. Doctors won’t treat because insurance wands you to be higher than 4 or 5 in most cases and by then you already are sick.

My tsh was similar to yours and I had serious fatigue. Could never get enoguh sleep. First pill fixed me. I started with 2 grains am and 2 grains pm.

That fixed my problems on top of TRT fixing others.

I don’t know how the other disease plays into this so keep that in mind.

Don’t over complicate it. No matter how much you think it needs to be detailed and complicated. Fix one thing at a time and the dose is something you need to find by slowly increasing until symptoms resolve. I suspect it will work if these symptoms are jsut thyroid.

You might have fatigue on top of that for other reasons like low T.

Good luck


Being outside the US, how the hell do I get Armor?
I feel like I should pursue a full thyroid panel as well before I try to self medicate, no?

Sorry to hear that.

Classic hypothyroid symptoms. I’d like to see fT3 and fT4 levels because I use a T3/T4 compounded combination. That is less important with Armour as the T4/T3 ratio is fixed. Some that use Armour start with 1/4 or 1/2 grain daily and titrate upward to effect every three or four weeks.

Estradiol does not show on my screen.

I wish I had something for you here, usually it’s the other way around.

Thanks man.

Do you sell a T3/T4 compounded combination? or you use specifically for yourself?

Basically i’m going to need to pursue a full thyroid panel I suppose. I hope my doctor is going to listen to me because I’m almost positive he believes that everything is okay if it is inside the range. Which would fucking suck.

I feel cold all the time and my skin is terrible. I have a lot of issues with digestion. I react to foods almost instantly… I begin to itch and have to go to the bathroom like 10 minutes later.A lot of allergies that seem to be related to enviromental factors and foods.

What’s funny is that my temperature doesn’t register now that they ask you to measure your temp wherever you go… and when I check it’s always too low.

As far as the sex drive and depression, well, the day after is the worse, and then at day 7 or so I Feel much better. That’s too bad I suppose.

I thought about starting BPC 157 cause this is something I can get my hands on. But maybe it wouldn’t be the wisest thing to do as a first line of treatment.

Here are the rest of the basic blood tests: