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Hormones, Menopause, and Periods Thread


That’s the thing. It could be purely coincidental that things have improved. Maybe it’s a placebo effect but I don’t think it is. One of my (many) issues is that I’ll try 5 new things at once. Then really have no idea which one or which combination is making the difference. lol


Here in Qc it is hard to get any attention other then for having a child on the hormone side. But a bit of aggression can help get some attention from the Dr. Maybe I should bring my boyfriend with a black eye :wink:


Me…gulp…nah almost 40 but dr said who knows when. See as a former anorexic, I went years without my period! Once I got to about 110, I had spotting…but huge hormonal issues. My gyno put me on a once every three months birth control. I still use jr absorbency and bleeding lasts two days but hormones outta wack for about a week. Thank goodness I only have to deal with every three months! My gyno has no idea what is in store for me since I fucked up my body so much…


I crossing fingers have a similar deal! I didn’t get a period until I was 17 due to anorexia, and had it hormonally stimulated to start it up as well to get it going as and I too luckily have very minimal period issues.

I wonder if its a ticking time bomb though and one day I’ll get all my sister’s and my mom’s terrible period stuff. Endometriosis, cysts… an ovarian torsion…its all in my family history but not me yet! My mom did not hit menopause until her 60’s!!!

SO AWFUL!! Some of you ladies have had some terrible shit you’ve dealt with or deal with still!! My god!!! Spay and neuter… if ONLY it was that easy for people!!!


Hey, I just read this response and thought I’d put it here. It might be helpful, or of interest to some of the other women.

Emphasis mine.

A lot of us have this problem, I think @Spock81 will loose her cycle somewhere around 120-125, so very similar. For me, it’s closer to 110 or below but I think most of us have a place where we’re going to start seeing hormone symptoms.


Ahh so it’s in normal range too I see. Well normal as in, where I to stop concerning weight loss for women.

I’d like to add on that same note, my comfy spot seems to be 170-180lbs. That’s where I notice easy periods, less acne, less cramping (if any), and less fatigue. These last two cycles have been a breeze. But I’ve also lost nearly 30lbs. So there’s that.

140-160 is okay, but I’m often extremely tired. I may or may not experience heavy cramps and bleeding.


On the complete other end, my cap out point is around 190-195lbs. Once I hit or break the 200lb barrier, I think Estrogen production is put into overdrive, and it makes periods extremely rough, lots of fatigue, bunch of acne, and a difficult time getting my lifts back up to snuff. Joint issues, espeacially in the hip area are extremely common for me as well.




I’ve come to realize my boobs don’t really go anywhere regardless of how lean I get. They just stay.

I’ve lost about 30lbs and my cup size is still at a bodacious DDD.

If anyone could link something, I’d like to know why that is. I’ve seem some women decrease in breast size as they lean out. Some dramatically, some gradually.


Nice humble brag, cyber. Lol. No, I don’t have this problem, but I’m crying inside a little bit right now. Haha. Hey, we can all hate you a lil bit.

@ Loosing 30 pounds, and getting within a weight window where you feel your best? Congrats!! That’s fantastic. What you said about increased estrogen, and worse hormone symptoms at higher weights makes a lot of sense to me. It sounds like you’re on the right track.


I never had much going in that department but after I lost weight, they are practically nonexistent. Just sad really.



Hey it’s definitely not all it’s cracked up to be at all.

Thanks to gravity my boobs are nowhere near perky. More or less a bit droopy. Just from the sheer weight of them as i get a little older.

Running and skipping rope is a challenge. I have to wrap my chest with gauze, and put on one underwire bra, followed by a sports bra…and then proceed with running or skipping rope or anything that involves jumping.

I’d take some comfy B cups ANY day.

I’ve contemplated getting a breast lift and maybe a reduction. These suckers get annoying.


But thank you for the compliment! Turns out weight loss isn’t as hard as I convinced myself it was.


Not Fair. At 135lb I am a small B at 150 lb (last winter when I was on crutches but not really fat for a 5’ almost 8") I am a D and at around 140lb I am now a C.

I lost my period at 160 lb in college but I was very lean at that time and 20yo.


That’s understandable given how tall you are.

I’ll even settle for C cups too lol


Interesting about boobs! When I’m too heavy for my hormones to be happy my boobs go from an A to a C , but not in a happy fun way . They are painful , sensitive and heavy . When I’m at a healthier body weight (for me) they get very small , but they don’t hurt even around my period.


I’ve never had nor wanted much boobage! Never ever ever been anything more a nearly-A cup. When I loose wt I loose girth and smallest ever I recall in the last 10 years was a 32A and now I’m a 39-40A sports bras only or NO bra at all. I think its would be TERRIBLE to have boobs and be sporty! I can get away with no bra if it weren’t for nipple showage .

I will say that there have been more then a few times that little kids have asked their moms in grocery stores if I was a boy or a girl when I have very short hair. I would be lying if I sied it didn’t hurt my feelings! But they are kids and kids just say it straight out!

Now my hair is long and its less of an issue…and I fully admit to appreciating that. I do get called “sir” when I am wearing a hood and at the self checkout though…I tend to dress like a tom boy so whatever.


I get called sir even when I had long hair. From the back I have no curves. I now have short hair, wear hiking boots and outdoorsy clothing.

I still get called sir. I don’t care much.:sunglasses:


I get the sir thing too! It usually only takes “the look” and I get a quick, stumbling apology.
I dress tomboy also, I have shit to do and don’t have time for all that.
I used to joke about how in my next I was going to buy me some boobage and be a pole dancer. All my guy friends laughed and laughed and told me I would hurt myself if I had boobs!


Hey guys! Has anyone had anything like uterine fibrosis?
I was reading about cramps for weeks with no period and I found an article about uterine fibroids and I have a lot of the symptoms. Like difficulty or frequent urination, pressure on lower abdomen and painful sex !! Holy man I honestly thought that was just sex and wondered why women genuinely seemed to like it when it was so painful LOL , wow…
But it said it was typically people who eat lots of red meat and not enough veg which is the opposite of me so it makes me confused .


I have an enlarged uterus I believe due to a C section then a VBAC. I suspect I have some kind of fibroids. Periods were scary! Lol When I try and use my lifting belt it is very uncomfortable.

The one thing I can tell is that sex is NOT supposed to be painful! Quite the opposite. I think you should definitely talk to your doc about this. After my son was born I had big time problems and the doc at the time gave me birth control pills (whichI threw in the trash)

It could be a hormone imbalance. Which may account for some of your anxiety as well.

I wish I could be more help.


Terrible. No, I haven’t had anything like that. Agreeing with CL here. Go talk to an OBGYN about all of your symptoms. I know you’re getting blood work done, and they’ve found thyroid issues, but the OBGYN is more likely to know more about female hormones, in my experience, so you may as well get another opinion on your blood work while you’re at it.