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Hormones in Milk/Beef

What is the big deal about these? What do they do exactly? I hear a lot of bad stuff about the hormone effects from drinking too much milk or eating too much beef. Is it all just mainstream media being idiotic again or is it actually terrible?

Pesticides and other contaminants might be in there but I doubt seriously that hormones would end up in there.

One of my work colleagues is the son of a farmer; works the farm. Apparently non-organic british beef (so dunno bout US but assume same/worse ;)) contains ALOT of antibiotic residue because rather than waiting for the coo-beasties to get ill, then treat, they simply pump 'em all full of antibiotics periodically to prevent, rather than cure.

This helps 'em grow so they dont have to fight their own infections, also means they save dollars on vets and lost-produce.

I dont know what the end affect would be, if any, on our gut-health (antiB playing merry hell with your bacteriums) but i’m sure it’s not as awesome as Organic beef in that respect.

But then they also crush the bollox off of lambs to lower test and soften the meat (his farm). Probably best not to research too much into these things or might just send you veggie after all :slight_smile:


I looked for info on this a few years back and, just like everything else, it mostly mascaraded as opinion given as fact.
Vegetarians sited all kinds of “research” leading one to believe that if they even looked at these types of meats (non-organic) you would grow a testicle out of your forehead and want to kill children.

Meat “farming” backed info said that not only is it perfectly safe, but it has cancer curing properties, etc. And I am not being facetious on that cancer curing thing, I actually read that.

I would be interested to find this info as well.

Research why Dr. Shiv Chopra was removed as senior scientific advisor at Health Canada.


The evidence is there, it’s just suppressed by the ones who have the data.