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Hormones in Dairy Products

Hey guys. Just been doing a bit of research lately and I have found a couple sources that are saying dairy products with higher casein content is really no good for guys who are interested in optimizing their body composition. A video a watched went on to say that casein protein will cause IGF-1 to shoot through the roof and cause disturbances in the testosterone and estrogen ratios in men because of all the hormones that are in the dairy products. This is a bit of a concern for me because during my work week I am quite busy and don’t have time to cook all of my meals so my main source of protein comes from non fat Greek yogurt and to a lesser extent cottage cheese. I have cut out all dairy for about the last 10 days or so and so far I haven’t noticed and changes in myself physically or mentally. Maybe I need a bit more time? Does anyone else have any insight on this subject?

That sounds like nonsense. There is all kinds of anti-dairy, anti-meat, etc. propaganda out there and most of it is pure bullshit. Casein protein powder is recommended by many experts, Mike Israetel for one, there is no scientific basis to avoid it that I am aware of.

As for hormones in dairy products, it depends where you live. In Canada it is against the law to gives hormones to dairy cows, apparently because of some negative effects on the cows themselves, but in the US they give them hormones. However, the sort of hormones used need to be injected into the bloodstream or else they will be broken down by your liver and have no effect. Just like the hormones given to chickens and cows raised for beef (here they give them hormones, just not dairy cows), you don’t test positive for steroids after eating a burger.

Apparently it’s not that there is exogenous hormones that are being given to the cow but all the hormones that the cow are already producing themselves. Just what I’ve read

Why is it that hormones have to be specially constructed to become bioavailable and active in our system, but other hormones identical to the ones we can’t metabolize orally can pass through the metabolism and mammary glands of a cow, then be absorbed and disruptive to us?

None of those articles ever explain that.

I rely heavily on dairy, and also read things about the hormones, specifically in Raw milk.

From what I have read, there is such a minute amount actually in the product, that it has little effect.

My IGF was in the higher end of normal, what’s wrong with that?

Are there any studies to back this up or just videos and articles?

This is one video that I watched that kinda had me wondering about all this. I think he mentions a couple studies…

Hormones are not added to milk. That would be entirely illegal.

GMO soy is not modified to “have more pesticides in it”. It simply isn’t. It’s roundup resistant, but not modified to have more pesticides.

That dude is dumber than wet cardboard though.