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Hormones Are Related to Fat Levels



A newspaper in the UK just published some amazing new health and fitness news! (sarcasm)


I Hate "homones".

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Damn those homones!


I would imagine that BioSignature readings are more beneficial for those who are already fairly lean to begin with, right? I would guess that most overweight people would be better off focusing on a sensible diet/exercise routine before blaming their hormones for fat deposits (herp a derp), though I remember CT giving props to this for helping him tear that last bit of fat off his frame a while back.

My big question is what, if anything, makes this a better option to hone in on hormonal imbalances than blood testing? Would I be better off getting some blood drawn and having a medical professional analyze it for me? BioSig seems fairly expensive for something that is essentially skin readings performed by a personal trainer - I can't state the site here but as a member I can get a fairly comprehensive male hormonal profile with all the basic trimmings (CBC, lipids, etc) for less than the 6-week course costs (especially when the New Year's sale rolls around)... am I forking over all that money for supplement/lifestyle advice?



So THAT'S the secret to your size!