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Hormone Testing

Do any lifters out there use or have used any homekits for testing hormone levels? I found this one and would like some comments or suggestions. http://www.bodybalance.com/perform/solution.html

How reliable are they? And what are the usual costs for each check? And the last question is there somehow I can utilize my medical benefits(blue cross/shield) to pay for it? ~TIA!~

Hey, there, Mack!

Good for you re wanting to test hormone levels. I’m very much an advocate of hormonal monitoring and active management of hormonal status.

Insurance companies will pay for some of the tests if they’re ordered by your doc and if it’s indicated. For example, if you presented with low/no sex drive and high stress levels and your doc ordered cortisol and testosterone blood tests, the insurance company is likely to pay. If you wanted to proactively manage hormone levels, nope, you’ll have to pay for them yourselves.

Some docs prefer blood testing of hormones. Others prefer urine tests or saliva tests. Personally, I like the saliva tests because free/available levels of hormones are being tested.

I use a lab called ZRT Labs. Tests are $30 each. A prescription is not required unless you live in NY or CA. But what I like best about this particular lab is that they have a customer service department that will take patients’ questions and make recommendations and just generally educate you on your situation. From there, you would have to work with your doc to optimize your numbers. And if your doc didn’t work with YOU, I’d find a doc who would!

I don’t know whether you read TC’s latest Think Tank post, but it’s a good idea to have a hormonal baseline BEFORE you start having problems or feeling “not quite right.” Insurance company or not, just do it! Actively managing your health is your greatest chance of being healthy, physically active, vibrant and vital well into your 80s.