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Hormone Test Results - Help Please (I'm a Newbie)


Had my hormone levels checked. Currently on trt dose every 2 weeks sust 250 and running masteron enanthate 1ml each week (past 4 weeks) for the past 8 weeks or so I have suffered from serious nipple pain. Especially after I shoot the sust and this lasts for about a week. Decided to start nolvadex 20mg daily and this has suppressed the nipple tenderness (only on one side not both - strange?)

Got results and welcome feedback.
Morning wood isn’t happening and mood can seem a bit up and down…


Even tho your e2 is in range it maybe be high for your body…are you running an AI? I wouldn’t use sust for trt your levels will be everywhere…what is the dose on the mast? Could have high prolactin too? I know at time in my bloodwork my e2 was low and my nipp sensitivity was from high prolactin…from what I understand and I could be wrong but if e is elevated your prolactin will rise too…

People are going to need a little more info about you to help you…I’ll give you the advice I was given…read these stickies…

advice for new guys
things that damage your hormones
protocol for injections
finding a TRT doc
HPTA restart

Also why did you start trt?


Thanks for the reply. I’m running 20mg nolvadex daily and nipple issue has subsided and I’m a week since last Sustanon injection. Masteron Enanthate is 200mg /ml weekly for past 4 weeks.

I have been TRT for almost two years and this is the worst I have felt/physically & emotianlly

*Nipple issues started before I introduced the masteron. Did this as I thought it may offset some of the sides such as water retention and nipple sensitivity.

Back in 2014 my test results were 6ng… for almost a year I suffered alone before getting tested and starting with Tostran gel. This became inconvenient and troublesome and expensive so injectsble trt was the way forward.


You need to stop the sust and mast in my opinion if you are running it for trt…run test c or e and see sticky on injection protocols…age height weight diets training experience and gear experience