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Hormone Test Result - Is It Normal? Gyno - Clomid

Hey guys,

This is my very first post here.
I’m 29y, 73kg, 174cm.
I just did my blood work because i dont feel good at all, I didnt cycle before and not planning to a cycle.

But I want to ask you if my results is normal for my age or not. also I think that I have a slightly gyno, just a puffy tender nipples. but the shape is not normal.
Also I gaining muscles hard and loss it faster.

FSH 1.45 mIU/mL 0.95- 11.99
Luteinizing Hormone (LH) 3.41 mIU/mL 0.57- 12.07
Estradiol (E2) 22 pg/mL 11- 44
Prolactin (PRL). 11.81 ng/mL 3.46- 19.4
Testosterone 6.2 ng/mL 1.3- 7.7
Free Testosterone 12.6 pg/mL 4.3- 30.4
T3 104 ng/dL 60- 160
T4 6.90 ug/dL 4.87- 11.72
TSH 0.62 uIU/mL 0.35- 4.50

Did the TT and E2 are normal for may age, And how can I calculate the T/E ratio please?
And what about clomid for elevate TT, is it affects the gyno? it should block the SERMs but it didnt reduce the actually E2, and it may elevated too ?
Are FSH and LH are low ?

your free test is a little low

so is FSH, LH

I know this might be an unpopular opinion on here, but I think your prolactin is too high, in men, prolactin docent serve any purpose theres no real negatives to crashing it, where if you crashed E2 you would fuck shit up

Instead of trying to mess with clomid and other serms, you can try P5p (bio active part of vitamn B6), its been clinically shown along with vitamin E to lower prolactin, and that will help boost your test levels a little bit.

From personal experience, I fucked around with some peptides, and mk 677, which raise prolactin and had bloods done, and even though my prolactin was in range I felt shitty and my nips where just little puffy, the P5p killed that off pretty quick

Life style changes will be important too, get enough fats in your diet, sleep 9 hours a night, have sex a couple times a week, don’t eat a ton of processed shit, don’t drink and smoke, you can try some other supplements like zma, or some other test boosters

but overall if you really are worried about it, go see an endo, if you find a competent endo he will be way more knowlegable than some asshole on a forum lol

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lol , thanks bigmanfootball67, the problem is that I went to an andrologist but he told me that all my hormones are normally FSH,LH,TT,FT,E2 even the prolactin…
Also he said that I have no gyno its just fats.
But I didn’t convinced.

So your advice to reduce the prolactin is using p5p, what about the FT, FSH and LH.
And what is the normal ranges for this hormones.

everything with blood work is a ratio, if your test is in the lower range, and your e2 is in the upper, something probably out of whack, even though doctors would call that normal, I would try the prolactin thing because it might make you feel less shitty, but TRT is probably your only real option if lifestyle changes don’t do it, no drug is gonna magically increase your test production for a long period of time

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