hormone survey/ what works?

After talking with some T-maggers and reading a few old forum questions I was hoping that anyone who has tried a few prohormones can help me out and answer me this:

What have prohormones have you taken?

What actually worked?

What is crap?

Mag 10 works.

Mag10 works but I haven’t tried anything else so I can’t compare.

19-norandro…is crap. I took it by the boatload and nothing ever happened. Supposedly, it was suppose to change to Deca as it passed through the liver to give massive gains. Bunk!

4-AD by biotest is good. Tribex rocks.

I hear a lot of great stuff about the S1+ transdermal, and it has a great pricetag

Mag-10 all the way. I’ve got to stock up before it’s banned.

impact and sdi are shitty supps, never used them but just looking at the ingredients makes my bitch tits grow. their claims are hilarious too

I have done a two week cycle of Mag 10 single dose and a 4 week cycle of Dermaject transdermal.

Gains of each were close to exactly the same.

That said, go with the Mag 10. Same gains in half the time. The Mag 10 is awesome for recovery, the other wasn’t. Applying the transdermal was a pain is the butt and having to worry about not washng it off and letting it soak in and such. Just toss back the Mag 10, go train hard and grow.