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Hormone Science Question

Ok, here’s a couple of quick questions:

  1. What exactly does estrogen do in the body …? I know that I want to lessen it, or control it (i.e. via taking something like “M”), but why ? Just to prevent gyno ?

  2. Can someone explain what exactly Androsol and/or Mag10 do in the body ? Why they work ? The online store says about Mag10, things like “will rock your anabolic world”, “contains premier class 1 and 2 steroids”, etc. My question revolves around the “how” of it all. Do testosterone levels go up? Do they put my nitrogen balance on the good side of things ? Are there supporting hormones that go up, etc ? Jason N. said in a response to another post of mine that Androsol will raise my 4AD levels. What does that do for me ??

I have a Chemistry 101 education with no biology, but I’m not dumb, so give me the medium-technical story, or just an article reference, if there is one. Searches for “testosterone” or “estrogen” give broad spectrum results, and while I like to read, that much time at the screen isn’t that much fun.


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That is a lot of questions, so I’ll tackle what I know. Estrogen is vital to our physiology, but too much will make us express female like characteristics such as excess body fat storage and gyno. Both TC and Cy have covered the negatives of estrogen, but Cy has a very good article on the subject at www.testosterone.net/ articles/150estro2.html I(delete the space before “articles”). Now regarding androsol and mag-10. MAG-10 is a stack of a class I steroid and class 2 steroids. Class I steroids (like Androst-1-ene in mag-10) exert their effects by binding to the androgen receptor. Class 2 steroids (like 4-androstendiol in mag-10 and androsol) do not actively bind to the androgen receptor but still put the body in an anabolic state. Neither of these compounds converts to testosterone in significant quantitites, but they are actively anabolic. 4-AD is about 95% as anabolic as testosterone and A1E is 2-3 times as potent as testosterone to put things into perspective. Just how they create an anabolic environment in the body is beyond my scope at the moment, but is on my list to learn. I think Cy’s article on steroid dieting in issue 195 provides some of the details on the mechanisms of some steroids, but this is a very complicated issue that will take time for any of us to learn in significant detail. Hope this helps.

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