Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hi, okay? I started hormone replacement therapy in 12 / July. I’m doing 200mg of testosterone cypionate per week, divided into two doses of 100mg on Monday and Thursday. I’m using arimidex .25 mg E3D. In my country is not HCG, vo do not know what it. I try to import, I have the option to use the vet that meeting.

This week I have felt an increase of strength and willingness to bodybuilding. Por’em my libido is still bad, no spontaneous erections. I think that my estradiol is high, because my face is swollen. WHAT you guys think of this dosage of arimidex? Should I raise? Or should I wait for the August exams should I accomplish in 12 days?

Thanks anyone who can help me.

Do not change your dose before your blood tests if they are only 12 days away. You will get a false reading. Test your Estradiol and then make the decision to adjust.

I will say though, that your dose is likely too low for 200 mg/week. But you can’t know for sure without the proper blood testing.

Seconded. Do nothing before the labs. You don’t want to guess and address the wrong issue.

What were your labs before starting the injections for comparison?

I am 26 years old. I had problem of low testosterone by hipotireiodismo and abuse of anabolic steroids. My total testosterone before you start is 220. I sense a great improvement in provision. I will wait 2 more weeks with these strengths and realize a new examination. But I believe that estradiol is high for being swollen. Thank you to everyone.

Normally the dose of arimidex ideal for 200mg week would be which? 0.25 EOD? 0.25 Mg every day? Thank you.

Well, by math alone, 200mg a week would be 29mg a day or 57mg EOD. But I don’t know if that’s what you are asking. 0.25mg a day only adds up to 1.75mg a week…

[quote]dean3238 wrote:
Well, by math alone, 200mg a week would be 29mg a day or 57mg EOD. But I don’t know if that’s what you are asking. 0.25mg a day only adds up to 1.75mg a week…[/quote]

He’s asking about Adex.

AT T=200 mg/week, I take Aromasin at 25 mg/week (12.5 mg in divided doses). This is the equivalent of 1 mg/week of Adex. Some guys may need a bit more or less, but 1-1.5 mg/week is a good starting point.

Note to self: Read the freaking post more carefully.

Mea Culpa.

Tomorrow I will perform blood tests. I am 20 days on TRT. But my body is screaming: ESTRADIOL HIGH. My face is up swelling too. Then post the results here and we’ll see when i increase. 0.25 Mg E3D is too little pra mim.Thanks to all.

Tomorrow I take the blood. La for saturday i must have the results. With the results I will take the correct decision. I will probably start 0.25 mg every day. What is the opinion of you? Thank you.

Get your bloodwork back first, then lets talk

Good i have done the exams yesterday morning, Wednesday. I take my injections on Monday and Thursday night. Some problem of always test Wednesday morning??? As soon as you get ready tour results. Thank you.

Wednesday is not the best. The best would be Monday morning, as it would represent the lowest point of your T levels. But it is ok.

Hello, all well? My exams were ready. I will put here the of before you begin the TRT.

Testosterone = 254
Free testosterone = 8,94
TSH = 3,85
T4 livre = 1,13
Prolactina = 6,0
SHBG = 25,9

Now exams after 20 days of TRT ( Cyp 200week, 100 monday 100 thursday, 0.25 mg arimidex E3D) and after 45 of recent examinations.

25-HidroxiVitamin D = 20,9 =( i´m using vit D3 10.000Ui, i dont no whats happen.
Estradiol = 40 ohhh and noww??? 0,25mg EOD?? 0,25mg four times peer week???
Testosterone = 1.343 VERYYYY GOOODDDDD
Free Testosterone = It was not ready yet
*TSH: 10,02 I was alarmed to see this, one of the reasons of my libido has not returned and that. Now i take 125mcg of levothyroxine per day, I will increase to 150mcg now.

My balls are still the same size. Not doem.Tomara which does not need to HCG by while, because in my country does not think such substance. I think if i control more estradiol and the TSH my libido comes with certainty, I am very confident. My hour has arrived! Thank you to all who can help me, I am very grateful.

Free Testosterone = 50,31 VR:4,58 a 18,33 WOWWWWWW

i will increase my T4 to 175mcg day. My TSH is so high!!!

Your TSH is very high. You should make sure you don’t have Hashimoto’s by getting the two thyroid antibodies tested.

yes i have hashimoto!!!
and the arimidex??? 0,25mg EOD or 0,25mg fours times every week??

my anti-TPO is high

[quote]Artgnan wrote:
Free Testosterone = 50,31 VR:4,58 a 18,33 WOWWWWWW[/quote]

Are you saying that your Free T = 50.31, and the reference range is (4.58-18.33)? If so, you are more than double the upper end of range and should lower your T dose. This will also help to lower E2.

Make sure you read up on Hashimoto’s and how to control it properly.