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Hormone Replacement Therapy at 27


Im' a 27 male, I don't know enough about hormone replacement to do it myself so I would like to find a reliable doctor in the new york city that can help me.

I've had a lot of problems with horrible doctors before in regards to basic care not hormone replacement. But I figured someone could help me out with this topic.



Do you have labs to post? Why do you need TRT at 27?


See if you can find one through here : http://www.worldhealth.net/search.asp?type=dir&q=


I am currently going thru this same search..Ive been to my primary care physician as well as an endocrinologist...Haven't been really helpful to be honest.. as far as a Anti-Aging Health Professional, no experience with them...Am interested in finding out more...do tell if you follow thru with them.
Thanks and good luck


Dr. Brett Mellinger (LI) and Dr. Bar Chama (Manhattan) are urologists and ANDROLOGISTS and top of the line! Look any of them up in Google or Pub Med.

I used Mellinger for awhile and have recommended a few others to him.

I strongly suggest you see either one. I have no idea why one would self-medicate for a real medical problem, hypogonadism.

When I first saw Mellinger, I had a level of 240 ng/dL. HALF a tab of Clomid took me to 790! I've been on 7.5 to 10 grams of Androgel since then.


Hey I am new in here and I am 33 and have the same problem. my initial doc visit and blood work showed 203ng/dl. Then my doc sent me to urologist and he has been having me come in every two weeks for test injections but my levels are still low with that after 6 weeks it is only 500ng/dl. I wish I could find a doc that would let me self administer but that has been impossible. I have tried androgel and did not work


Just go to an anti-aging clinic or do as KSman suggests which is call a local compounding pharmacy, or even a national compounding pharmacy like university pharmacy, and ask them who is prescribing T in your area. They can point you to a good Dr for TRT. We've all found that Family doctors, uros, endos, etc are all useless. Doing this will save you a ton of aggravation in months of improper treatment.


You're right. My endocrinologist is useless; after all, he's the one who diagnosed me with hypogonadism while others ignored it.

My andrologist-urologist is also useless; after all, he prescribed me medicine that restored my T value to normal levels and said word-for-word "I see you have a problem; I don't like to see anyone under 400."


Consider yourself extremely fortunate that you found the endo that you did. I went to two, knowing what my problem was, and was flat out ignored on the basis that I was too young to have low T.

All that you have to do is read post after post on this board and others to know the frustration that we all have had with endos and uros. Most simply don't have the time to focus solely on HRT with the myriad of other problems they must deal with, so many choose to go to a specialist.


Urologists and endocrinologists are specialists.


You're right, I should have been more specific. Since we are talking about HRT, I meant an HRT specialist.