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Hormone Questions

Hey guys, just a couple questions that I was curious about.

Firstly, I’ve heard it said that steroids only make muscles look bigger by inflating them, hence the term “juiced”. Well since muscle cells are incapable of dividing, isn’t that how they would grow anyway?

Also, I read that damaged muscle cells use chemical signals to tell the pituitary to produce hgh in small bursts while you sleep. So I guess my question is, if I just had a hard quad workout, maybe squats or something, would the hgh produced during sleep also benefit other muscles like biceps?

This is the dumbest shit I’ve read on this forum.

[quote]Growing_Boy wrote:
This is the dumbest shit I’ve read on this forum. [/quote]

Not the dumbest, but it’s still up there.

jefferson, are you serious? If so, please let us know.

I might have come off as sounding uneducated, and when it comes to steroids I will admit to being a beginner but I’m not unaware of the science behind them. I am a senior cell biology major and I am well aware of how muscles grow and how steroids increase anabolic pathways and help your body increase the rate of protein synthesis by utilizing free amino acids.

I can see how my first question might have sounded stupid. What I was getting at was the results that steroids will give. Will a person only appear to have more muscle mass because of added water retention?

My second question however I don’t feel was stupid at all. Precursor molecules are produced to stimulate the pituitary’s production of hgh. The larger the muscle (quads) the more precursor molecule produced, hence the increased secretion on hgh. Hgh is unique because it is not muscle specific, it targets and binds to everything. So, back to my question. Will working a large muscle group like the quads benefit more than just the quads?

It isnt stupid - i cant give a detailed enough answer to contribute though.

But yes, they do by increasing nitrogen retention plus other ways - i need dopa here i think… or Altered, or Bushy.