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Hormone Problems in a 22 Y.O.

I’m not an old fart (just kidding guys), but I posted in this forum because you guys are the most knowledgable on this subject. So here’s a little background information on me:

I hit puberty extremely early. I was 5’11 by the time I was 13 and haven’t grown an inch since. I developed gyno at the age of 12 that continued to worsen until I was about 14. The docs told me it would just go away with time. It turned into hard fibrous tissue that I finally had removed when I was 19 (best day of my life). I haven’t grown in height since I was 13 but I’ve always built muscle fairly easily. I was a pretty solid 185 by the time I was 16, played varsity football, etc.

Obviously something wasn’t going right hormonally when I was younger, but I’ve always figured that it was just puberty and everything would eventually straighten out. However, in the last 2 years or so I’ve noticed some symptoms that someone my age shouldn’t be dealing with. I am lethargic all day even though I get a good 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Sometime’s I’ll find myself yawning right after an intense set in the gym. Hell, I’m in college and I go to bed before 12 almost every night while everyone else is screwing around til 3 or 4am, yet they still have more energy than me.

The main thing that tipped me off to this has been a lack of sex drive. Two years ago, I’d hump anything that walked by. Now I just never even think about it and my last girlfriend complained that we didn’t have sex enough. What 22 year old has a lower sex drive than his girlfriend?! I also tend to get the blues sometimes even though everything in my life has been going great. I wouldn’t call it depression but I definitely haven’t been as happy as I should be.

So where do I go from here? I’ve been doing some research into all of this and my best guess is that I have a fairly high T level but my body converts T to E very easily. I say this because I developed the gyno while going through puberty which obviously means I had very high E levels. I’ve also been able to gain muscle and strength fairly easily which leads me to believe that it’s not low T.

I’ve learned enough about this that if I could see some blood test results I would know what the issue is. I want to see a doctor about this but don’t know where to go. I know alot of you have trouble getting the proper tests done so I think 99% of doctors would just laugh in my face because of my age. What do you guys recommend as far as approaching doctors about the subject? What types of doctors should I look for? Would an anti-aging clinic even see me?

I’m pretty confident that the problem is that I easily convert T to E. I think a low dose of arimidex would straighten things out. I’m just very hesitant to start taking anything without first getting bloodwork done. What do you guys think? Would it be appropriate for me to start with a low dose and see if things improve? Or would I be stupid to mess with it at my age? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

EDIT: I feel like I should also note that I store fat almost exclusively on my thighs and hips. Last time I had my bodyfat taken the pinches measured to chest: 5mm, stomach: 10mm, thigh:25mm. I can be at close to 15% bodyfat and still have an almost complete six pack because I don’t store very much fat on my stomach.

I would definitely NOT assume that you have an E2 problem. I thought that I did as well, but it turned out that my E2 was about 0. Having low and high E2 can have some of the same symptoms, i.e. no sex drive.

It may turn out to be a thyroid or adrenal issue, which also have a lot of the same symptoms of low T/E ratio. Find a good anti-aging doc in your area and get a full hormone panel with thyroid done.

You are NOT too young to have hormone issues at your age. I think that I did at your age as well but it took me until I was 29 until I decided to get checked and I regret that I didn’t address the issues much earlier.