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Hormone Pathways


Just doing some research and wondering if anyone out there has a preferred source which consisely explains the various hormone pathways and their actions etc etc.

I am particularly interested in graphic representations that summarise various pathways/actions etc etc. Testosterone and growth hormone would be good starting points.



I recieved a degree in biology and chemistry and in college we covered both those topics on a macro level in physiology and on a micro level in biochemistry, If I were you I would start at a medical or chiropractic book store (or online) and pick up a book in both of those subjects, they should be covered in there.


I think I have a better suggestion, and it's the one I used to initially build up my library of biology and chemistry books-

Go to a college campus, pick up a syllabus for a degree in biology, and see what testbooks the introduction courses require- then go buy them used at the campus book store for half price.


Ditto; this is a great idea.

I will look over some books I used and see which ones are good for this. I'll post if I come across any.


Thanks for the suggestions guys - much appreciated.

I would still like to know whether people have found a source, or a graph an article etc etc that just encapsulates all the detail quite nicely (and succinctly).

Dont get me wrong, I am not afraid of the detail, I personally find reading and understanding the detail easier when I have a great overview of the subject matter in my head as a reference point.


This is a bunch of links to all the online sources I use for research:


In addition, here's one for endocrinology, androgens, and androgen physiology:


Hope this helps.


Great - thanks mate


Endotext is an amazing site! I just scanned through most of the good stuff on androgens; it goes over some pretty intense stuff like DNA transcriptions and even genetic mutations. I've come across most of this stuff before, but it's a great resource. Thanks for the heads up.



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