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Hormone Levels Determine Your Politics


Ha Ha.....sorry liberals...you're just full of estrogen!

Just kidding to the guys on this site who lift, but an interesting article on political affiliation and hormones.


Conservative-phobes? Liberal-phobes?


Eh, well I'm natural and have high test.. I think liberals and conservatives are douche bags.. I win.

No different than that crap Brits like to eat up when they read their men are the sexiest on the planet, have the hugest dongs, etc. etc.. Next thing you are buying enzite and a new big birtha fairway wood and wondering why your penis is still small.

Things designed to manipulate your ego do exactly that. They will tell you this and that, but at the end of the night, you still need to put on your tiny pecker condom, you still use that rogain and dress up how your mommy likes..

Live by your own rules, and think for yourself, own your pair and act like they belong to you.


Jeesus H F'ing Christ. Look, the thing that started this was a "study" by some Danish researchers who claimed that men who were better fighters were more conservative. Their definition of a fighter? Someone with a big bicep. What they managed to do was build their class bias against men who do manual labor (where it has never been a secret at all that working class = conservative) and trumpet this as a revelation. That the study has gotten so much traction with such a stupid basis is the real story. Upshot is that selling confirmation bias is a real growth industry.

Oh and political views are bits of philosophy. This is more of the drivel that people are damned by biological determinism like ants -- except the people that write these studies who manage to see through the veil. (Anyone remember that racism used to be bad? Apparently that sort of narrow thinking wasn't the problem, it just wasn't aimed well enough at people with differing political views. But I digress...) Taking intellectuals to task for their stupidities seems to be impossible.

Full of shit as always,


PS. I've been doing martial arts for 30+ years and I will state flatly that biceps size is the most lame-brained, frankly idiotic way to measure fighting ability I have ever heard. As Orwell put it so well, "some things are so stupid only an intellectual would believe them."


I believe it.


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What? That he's a White Sox fan or a southpaw?


That he throws worse than an 8 year-old girl.


That bothered him for about the amount of time it took for him to realize that since he had the IRS on speed dial no one would say anything to his face about it.


It's just wrong to throw like that. I'm pretty sure that if he'd grown up in my neighborhood, and he threw like that - even as a 12 year-old kid - he'd get his ass kicked. That's why they invented piano lessons.


And instead of being rich (and the president) he'd be posting here. Besides, he's half white so what does anyone expect? I suppose he should be a good dancer as well.


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LOL...Just like that Volvo commercial...Truly sad.


Hey now, don't be knocking piano lessons. They gave us Billy Joel and jazz music.


Billy Joel is the one true son of god.



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Lets be fair here.. George Senior was a pencil necked geek, and G Dub was a monkey looking moron.. Neither were pinup material for men of masculinity either. Rather, the mark of a politician's is that they are feminine d bags, all of them!


At least G-Dub - against a backdrop of the fallen towers, with Americans as confused, angry and scared as we've been since Pearl Harbor - threw a strike from the pitchers mound.

You can say it meant nothing. But if you watched G-Dud throw that opening pitch live, it meant a shit ton to the folks in the stands at Yankee Stadium.

Barry could never pull that off. Not with out private throwing lessons.