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Hormone Level Test Results


Hey All,

I was feeling rather shitty, so I went to a Dr. who specializes in testosterone deficiency.

He said that my testosterone is 11, and normal is between 45-85. He also said my estrogen levels were really high.

Luckily, I think this is an easy to fix problem, I hope it's easy at least.

So, if you feel like shit, and suspect it's testosterone deficiency, get it checked.

BTW, my doctors website is www.allthingsmale.com
I highly recommend him.



Good post and welcome to the HRT club! :wink:



Your doctor looks suspiciously like Ernest Angley with a mustache.

\|/ 3Toes


He calls his office the "Man Cave" !

Looks like a good doctor, as I'd imagine he'd provide you with a decent dose of test for HRT. My doctor now is pretty weary of getting me into decently high levels.


My doctor.


\|/ 3Toes


My Doctor.