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Hormone level conversion question?

Ok, I went to the doc, and had my hormone levels checked. What I got back were some numbers that were in units I don’t recognize. What I am trying to do is figure out where I am in relation to several articles on the T-Mag site.

I got a testosterone level of 2.24 ng/ml (expected range is listed as 1.75 - 7.81). To get ng/dl, I multiply by 100, right … ? That would yield 224 ng/dl. Not a stellar number, but that was all before I started Tribex and ZMA, and right around the time I learned that I needed to never ever eat soy…

People always talk about estrogen levels. What I got back from the test was a level for “estradiol”. Are these the same ? If not, does one indicate the level of the other ? I scored 34 pg/ml. The expected range was 20-75 pg/ml. I guess that one was Ok :slight_smile:

Do I need to worry about LH/FSH levels on this test ? FSH and LH were both pretty low vs. the expected ranges listed. 0.5 mIU/ml vs 1.3 - 19.3 (listed as FSH-2, if it matters), and 3.0 mIU/ml vs. 1.2 - 8.6 (listed as LH-2).

Everything else was inside the ranges they listed (creatinine, calcium, glucose, BUN (whatever this is), albumin, and some others).

Given that I started taking Tribex 3 caps 2x a day and ZMA 3 caps 1x a day per the labels almost right after this test, what differences could I expect to see ? I remember an article on this site that said that you could hit over 1000 ng/dl and be considered “high normal” for testosterone, but the reference range listed by the doc’s summary says something on the order of 780 is high end, if my math is right. Is my doc just conservative … ?

other comments: ~25% BF, 255 lbs, WO 3x/week, 30 years old, showing a downward trend in weight, due to better control of my diet (thanks, T-Mag and this forum!).

Just looking for comments, a check on my math, and maybe a suggestion of whether I need to have anything else test, “for piece of mind” or whatever.

Can provide more info, if needed.