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Hormone Issues

so ive always had low test im almost 24 have been getting it checked since i was 19 when i was 21 i did a 8 month cycle, my supplier bailed and i crashed no pct. for the last year ive had terrible painful gyno i have no idea why ive been off everything for almost 3 years and the my estrogen/prolactin levels are no high, but my test is still very low, pretty much right where the ranges start free/serum. i also find it weird that i have still always been able to build/retain muscle. i started taking tamoxifen about 2 weeks ago its actually helping the gyno but i kind of feel like a zombie, and seriuosly feel like i have gotten smaller. any thoughts or inputs? anyone ever gone through something like this?

So let me get this straight:

You did an 8 month cycle.
And you are wondering why your hormones are messed up?

I am not extremely familiar with restarting HPTA after that extended amount of time, but I know there are some promising results with triptorelin. To be completely honest though, you are probably not a good candidate for that as you have shown irresponsible behavior with other chemicals, and you would probably just wind up chemically castrating yourself.

Yea i have made mistakes in the past i am only human, my supplier crashed his harley and has brain damage soo i couldnt get anythig pct. he got me into all of it (which i regret trust me)so i didnt have or know anyone else to talk to. I know i should have had it on hand but i wasnt expecting that to happen.

The only thing i did luck out on was i did have a few weeks of hcg when i went off. But my test results were at the same low levels before i did anything maybe thats just my genetics idk. I have seen a few endo throughout the years i just havet found anyone good i tell them the truth about what i did and it just seems like the write me off because of the dumb shit i did. Just was curious if anyone has any suggestions or has been through this.

Unfortunately, medical help is the only option now imo. You could try to recover on your own with a standard PCT protocol, but ordering the blood work through a doctor would be cheaper, if you have insurance, than paying foreach test out of pocket.

If you do not have insurance you can get labs done here:

Ancillaries can be had from a number of places. Rx grade from online pharmacies outside of the US. Or any research chemical company for “research chemicals” like clomid and nolva. Do not buy over the counter stuff, as they are just supplement companies pushing useless stuff.

Although my estrogen is low i have been taking tamoxifen and it has actually helped some with my gyno but i feel tired all of the time and feel weak. I am trying another endo i have another appointment with him in a few weeks i just had some blood work done fsh, lh, tsh, t4, t3, igf1, andrenicorticotropic, cortisol, dht and also sperm count. Hopefully somethig happens.