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Hormone Imbalance for Years


Long story short.... Ive been an athelete my wholelife, Played college basketball for two years and have always been physically active. About 3 years ago now I was lifting and I felt extrmemly nauseated as If I had the flu, this continued for months and I lost over 40 lbs, went from 235 to about 190. I couldnt eat, couldnt sleep, and was nauseated all day.

I went to go see the Dr and he said that I had Anxiety and put me on lexapro, I insisted that I did not have anxiety but agreed to take the medicaiton any way. That only made things worse so I discontinued it becasue it made me feel worse. I saw many Drs after that and I've had almost every test in the book done.. the only thing that I was diagnosed with was a hormonal imbalance. I will post my results if any one can help that would be great.

Brian Fog
Memory loss
Low Libido
No appetite
Cold Hands
Cold Feet
Cold Basal Temp 97.2
Difficulty Concentrating

Test Results

Free FT3-3.4
Cortisol-8.7 in evening
Free Testosterone-0.79
Estradiol-33 pg/ml

My testosterone has always been low and estrogen has always been a little high if not very high. My IGF-1 has always been high I've had it tested 3x and it has always been abnormal. I had an MRI of the pituitary and it was flattened but no diagnosis of an Tumor, but also no diagnosis of empty sella syndrome. I am having another MRI the 22nd of October to see if there is anything abnormal with the pituitary. My guess is a microadenoma or something that is putting pressure on the pituitary gland causing an imbalance.


Need units for lab work, you can use the [edit] in the lower right hand corner of your post above and modify it. Posts more lab work if you have it.

Your body temperatures indicate that not enough fT3 is getting into your cells. Your fT3 levels are good. You have functional hypothyroidism and symptoms to support that. But why? The first suspicion is that your rT3 levels are elevated. rT3 blocks the fT3 receptors in the cell walls and reduces the amount of fT3 that can get into the cells. Have rT3 tested.

You have a lot of reading to do, please read these articles at the top of the forum [stickies]

  • advice for new guys
  • thyroid basics
  • in the above, note effects of stress, injuries, illnesses, infections on adrenals and rT3

I would focus on thyroid issues for now.

Tell us more about you as per the stickies:
weight 235–190

Are you still growing? Facial bones? Feet and hands?