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Hormone Help Please

im 30 yrs old dabbled in steriod use and i meen like twice but after the last use i havent been right i knew that something was wrong with my hormones but i just figured id give it time to straighten out eat well and try to work out fast forward a year and a half later and im still having problems so i went and got blood work recently and im just looking for someone knowledgable to help me with this the doctor told me to just lose wieght and that may be the case but id like the opinions of you guys as well it seems right now the problem seems to be high estrogen and i guess im wondering is this from the fat ? here are my stats

30yrs old

about 28% body fat

testosterone total 511
test free 55.6
albumin 4.7
test bioavailable 119.2
sex hormone binding globulin 42
fsh serum 33.3
lh serum 12.1
prolactin 8.7
estradiol-6 31
tsh 2.20
t4 free non dialysis 1.13
estrogens total 192

that being said before all this i was a mans man played football confident very high sex frive and pretty much all is wiped away i really need some help doc says that its the extra fat and if thats not the case theres nothing that can be done. is this true is he right? what do u think?

greatly appreciate any help thanks

I’ll tell ya right off the hop. You need to edit your post and post ranges and units. Read the stickies ( first 5 or 6 threads at top of first page) ESP the advice for new guys sticky. List all labs. And don’t believe ur stupid doctor lol. Did your doc do cbcs and liver functions tests? Yes fat can be ur enemy but the nothing can be done its a bunch of bullcrap .

Also what was your protocol when coming off the steroids? I believe what happens is if you don’t use something to keep the estrogen down and bring T up you end up swimming in a sea of estrogen and becoming estrogen dominant. Estrogen sits in the testosterone receptors and doesn’t allow T to work. And prolly whatever T is there is being converter to E by way of aromatase.

As above + read the thyroid basics sticky. You appear to have thyroid problems, possibly only an iodine deficiency if you are lucky. Thyroid function problems can make you fat and make fat loss difficult or impossible. Adding that to T problems is a bad, but common, combo.

  • post iodine intake and body temperatures.

Can’t see lab units, but appears to be some degree of primary hypogonadism. See advice for new guys sticky for definitions.

Tell us what steroids you used.