Hormone Help Again

Hello all, after a few years in TRT hell I think I’ve had enough. I was put on T Cream three years ago. I felt great for two days then everything went back to shittiness. No energy, depression, etc. I figured my E2 had gone up (according to blood tests it had) and that was why I felt like crap again.

I spent the next three years or so trying to get my doc to give me Armidex. No go. I changed docs. No go. My insurance got cancelled and so I was off TRT for a few weeks. Initially my T levels were about 270. They were within normal range, but on the low side. Should I forget TRT, keep the T level where it is normally, and go with Clomid or Armidex? I can get those online without the doc hassle.

What would you guys do? At this point I’ve lost tons of hair, I feel too weak and depressed to exercise. My body looks like a flab museum. Can anyone offer advice?

Get back on TRT and pay for it out of pocket if you have to. Cut back on everything else if necessary; the trade-off is entirely worth it.

You do know you can get an AI at the same sites that sell SERMs, yes?

I’ve sworn off the research chemicals. Too many unknowns. I now get the pharma grade stuff from India. Same price, it just takes a little longer to get it. Order ahead, no big deal.