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Hormone Free Meat

I am noticing that there is a problem with a lot of great body building foods.

Tune= mercury
Milk= Estrogen
Female cow= estrogen
Grass fed beef= cost
Eggs= hard to eat in huge amounts
Whey= digests to fast
Casine= Cost

What about chicken? Its cheap and I’m sure hormones are pumped into them, but do those hormones carry over into your body? Does anyone have anything else to add?

Organic chicken isn’t too bad pricewise. I think my mom got some recently at the supermarket for $4/lb.

[quote]HunterKiller wrote:

Eggs= hard to eat in huge amounts


No… raw with my shakes 4-6 at a time… I eat around 10-16 eggs daily…

I use the eggland’s brand… high in omega 3s and 6s…
Buy at Sam’s 18 pack for cheep…

humans are quite proficient at destroying/contaminating that which we need for sustenance and life like water, air and food sources

Wait…squats and milk make me less of a man!?

I second inthego, also you could eat salmon instead of tuna.

I get grass fed organic meats directly from farms around here and it’s about the same price as supermarket meat. (As gas prices go up it might even start to cost less)