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Hormone Fluctuations, What Gives?


I’ll recheck those starting tomorrow. Are tympanic temps ok or does it have to be oral?

Remind me again of your temp check protocol?


Upon waking before you get out of bed, thermometer in mouth for 5 minutes, then again at rest 2pm. You need to start out at 97.7 and end up at 98.6. Do it on a day where you’re not moving around, on a lazy day.


Ok I have a digital thermometer that gives pretty quick reads. Should I do a series of them then? At rest at 2pm? I’m balls to the wall at that time at work?


No digital, there not as accurate. They work on an algorithm and not actual temps. .3 degree difference has big implications.


You’re not far from good. You are slightly low on t3 and slightly high on tsh. You could have inhibited conversion pathways from eating low carb. Up your carbs, retest, and watch it get better. I see t every day.


Sounds like a sound strategy.


B vitamins and zinc in my BCAA. This enough to knock down E2?


Did you ever use iodized salt? History please.


It’s honestly been a while but bought some yesterday so plan to start. Additionally will do temp test when I get the manual thermometer


Yeah we will see. Started this 125mg twice a week on Tuesday. Now I’m on vacation with 0000 I’ll say it again 0 libido. Worst thing ever. Never thought this trt process would give me worse issues than what I initially sought treatment for. Smh.


Remember that it takes about two to three weeks for dosage changes to cause feeling changes at all.


Yeah patience is running a little thin these days but I undestand. I chose the modest route with the slight dose increase.

Now wondering if I should have just gone with your initial rec of 200mg in one kabang.



Bumping carbs to 250gm per day from 150 has helped overall energy levels. I feel full strong with great gym pumps. I’ve gained 3-4 lbs and I’m holding the weight well.

I tried the 125mg Test cyp every 3.5 days for 3 weeks with no real response sexually. It actually felt worse. With that being said I changed my protocol to 50mg eod and will give the lower but more frequent injections a run in hope of some libido recovery. Wish me luck. Plan on labs in 1 month to see where I’m headed.


6 days into going 50mg eod and feel like shit. No libido, low energy, low motivation, emotional. FML.


Are you still taking the E2 crushing Cialis?


No but I want to. My dick has much more life to it on cialis. With no libido the cialis at least gives it a little umph and the possibility to maybe please the wife. I was kind of expecting this. I felt so good on that 125/125 emotionally/physically/motivation but still had no libido and so so erections. If it just never comes back think I’ll consider these cruise and blast protocols I read about.


Plus I’ve read about cialis effects on overall vascular endothelial health so I really hope to be back on it eventually.


Just don’t be that dog that chases his tail trying to figure out why estrogen’ is always low because you already have an answer as to why.


I take daily Cialis and I believe it has almost 0 affect on my e2. The study showed it may lower e2 by a few points. I wonder if the study was done on natural or exogenous t.

I thing he should go back on Cialis or at least take a single 10-20 mg dose 1x for weekend sex.
That’s important. Trust me ik.

I am taking daily Cialis was on 3mg a day slow release. Just went to 3mg am 3mg pm daily. My capsules are slow release. That’s just how empower pharmacy makes them. Being their slow release I think I never got the boost from 1 tab. I also have the option of taking 5.5 mg regular Cialis 1x a day but I kind of like splitting the dose.

Ik you do a lot of reading, search on excel male . Com for low estrogen on trt. There’s some good info.

Grapefruit suppose to increase e2. I just think to investigate the root cause why e2 does not go up. Or maybe a grapefruit a day will help.


I respect your knowledge system but as a doctorate prepared healthcare provider it’s difficult for me to take the results of a study in 20 individuals as the end all be all law of the land. However, I am factoring into the equation. My T levels just jumped off a cliff with the drastic dose reduction and increase frequency.

I’m definitely second guessing myself now as mentally I was feeling so good on the higher dose, maybe I should have waited that out. Idk.
We will see but I definitely know I’m alreasy feeling the negative effects of the lower dose. Whether these eventually swing to positive 6 weeks from now is anyone’s guess.