Hormone Double Standard

By the way does anyone else feel like they’ve been kicked in the nutts by the medical field when Chaz Bono or any number of females decide they wish to become men & are evidently easily prescribed testosterone.

Whatever is needed to accomplish a sex change they evidently get it all. Why in god’s name is that permissible and if a male is on replacement hormone therapy they make you jump through a 100 hoops to insure you’re not going to become too aggressive or start posing for bodybuilding shows. I’m sick of the double standard & political correctness when it comes to male vs female hormone therapy and the ignorance of so many doctors about testosterone levels.

I didn’t have to jump through any hoops. I asked my endo to test it, test came back borderline, he said “technically you’re just inside the normal range but we can try it”, and so we did. My case isn’t typical, but I don’t think my experience was all that unusual – with the advent of stuff like AndroGel, it has become a lot easier for even primary care docs to prescribe. Have you really had to jump through all those hoops?

Also, I think you’re off base on the other end of your argument… I have a distant acquaintance who did the FtM thing, and yes, getting the T was straightforward – from a doc who specializes in this stuff, who put her through a lot first. It wasn’t a simple process.

Why do I think your post sounds more like a talk radio rant than like the bitter voice of firsthand experience?