Hormone Concerns


First let me acknowledge that there are countless “I’ve tried everything and I can’t make progress” threads. Please don’t think this is one of them!

I’ve been working out correctly for 2 years and 10 months. In that time I’ve gone from 115 to a 169 pounds, both at a height of six foot (this was well past puberty btw). However in the past 9 months to a year my progress has come to a screeching halt. I’ve tried everything. High volume, low volume with heavy (for me) weights, taking weeks off, etc. I’ve tried being ultra anal with my diet, keeping a food log, taking my calories up to 5,000/day, eating very clean, eating unclean, etc.
The scale won’t move up and all my poundages in the gym have gone down.

There a variety of factors that make me suspect some hormonal problem. I’ve been depressed and had anxiety problems for at least the past year. I’ve gone so far as to (unsucessfully) seek professional help for this. I have bad acne that come and goes seemingly for no reason. Furthermore I seem to go through periods where I have a very low libido and weak erections.

Could a hormone problem just happen spontaneously? I did try a few different pro-hormone products, although always in the recommended dosage and for the recommended time; never anything crazy. Shouldn’t any problems these have caused normalize within a year? (I’ve haven’t taken any prohormones in the past year)/

Finally, what is my course of action? I’m thinking of making an appointment with my doctor. What do you guys suggest? Thanks for your input.

How old are you?

Did you take REAL PCT after your prohormones?

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