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Hormonal Question

It seems to me that high levels of Estrogen, Low Levels of T, low levels of Growth Hormone, and Low Thyroid, all have the same side effects, decreased sex drive, inability to lose fat, deppression, etc. If I can’t afford to get blood workup how do I know which hormone to focus on?

I would focus on the two that you can improve-thyroid and test/estrogen. You could always use 4AD-EC at 200mg/day for the testosterone problem. Or you could use .25mg of arimidex eod, which would lower your estrogen and up your testosterone. My test went from 338ng/dl to 513ng/dl and estrogen dropped to very low normal levels when I did arimidex @.25mg eod for 5 weeks.
For the thyroid problem, cytomel (t3) could be used. I don’t know what kind of dosing is proper for a slow thyroid, might want to search for that. Of course, you may want to give biotest T2pro a try-- it is a supplement alternative to cytomel.
I don’t think HGH can be increased without injections of synthetic GH.