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Hormonal Blood Test


Hi, I finished a Test E. cycle 2 months ago. Now I went to the doctor because I wanna get a blood test to do a checkup. She gave me the paper with a few things checked on it. I want to know, what are the specific items I should get checked for after a steroid cycle? If they are not already marked on the blood test paper i'm gonna take a pen and fill it out. thx


Bad idea! the fastest way to get blackballed by a doctor is to fill in your own blanks in the blood work request. Read posts by KSman, Happydog48, or Brook to get your answer on what to get on your next blood test.


Quite true.

But what you wanna know off the top of my head is:

Total Testosterone
Free Testosterone
Bioavailable Testosterone (Might be the same as free not sure)
TSH (Perhaps other Thyroid tests as well)
Prolactin perhaps

If your script was anything like mine, I asked my Doctor some extra stuff to test for and he had to manually write them down. Custom requests.. Sad because I'm sure so many people have messed up hormonal profiles and don't know it.


You WILL get found out you altered the form, as it goes back to that doctor when the results are in so he/she can give them to you! The LEAST they will charge you the extra money for the extra tests (if in the US - if in CAN or UK then they will be quick to strike you off IMO).

Anyway, go back in and ask for a new form with a minimum of:

Free test

Did you recover from the cycle in your opinion? Was it a successful cycle in the end? :wink:


Yes I did recover but I get panic attacks and anxiety problems that I didn't have in the past...


Most likely high estrogen. IIRC you are a bit of a hypochondriac anyway.

Just relax - you'll be fine when you finally reach proper homeostasis - and NO, for some 8 weeks post cycle is not long enough to be fully back to 'normal'