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Hormonal Benefits of Working Out on TRT?

Hey guys, I am curious about the hormonal benefits of working out while on TRT. I know this seems to be a very specific question but I remember before going on TRT that working out would help elevate my testosterone. Now that that is no longer a thing I’m curious if there are other hormonal benefits that I’m fueling when I work out. I have heard that working out can help balance your hormones. Prior to going on TRT I would find a lot of encouragement and ambition in my work out in the hopes that I was elevating my testosterone. I probably wasn’t doing that much but I certainly felt much better on the days that I worked out. So to summarize, what are the hormonal or other benefits for us when we work out and lift weights while on TRT (other than the obvious muscle gain trimming fat and cardiovascular benefits)?


Step 1: Bloodwork. Male hormone panel.
Step 2: Workout for 6 months.
Step 3: Same bloodwork again.
Step 4: See what changed and by how much.

Some things may change a little and some by a lot. Depends on the person. Do the above and you’ll have your own empirical evidence to answer your curiosity.

I have done this before. My testosterone reduced dramatically. In my case I had a lot of stress and anxiety going on. As well as other lifestyle stuff. There are just too many variable for this to count as good data. Unless your lifestyle is amazingly stable (some people are very lucky to have that stability). But even then, sleep, time of day, diet and other environmental factors all affect your serum levels.

This is most likely do to the increased endorphins produced from the workout.

You’re injecting testosterone to control the levels so that won’t change but much of the positive mental aspects of TRT are amplified dramatically by having a consistent workout routine. Especially one where you constantly are pushing yourself. If I go a week or two without the gym I feel like total crap as if I’m not on TRT.

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I guess when I restore my sleep I will start fully enjoying working out. I do now but my recovery sucks, but even so I gained a lot of muscle since TRT even my mom asked my WTF :smiley:

Time of day and diet can be “fixed variables”, they can remain the same. Sleep, workouts, and anything else you can think of should be properly assessed, then once you think you got it down, check your bloodwork. The benefit to the bloodwork (non-TRT) is seeing where your natural potential falls. Check multiple times once you feel optimized and it should roughly fall into a standard deviation range.

As for TRT, like Dexter pointed out, you should workout to feel best. The hormone levels themselves will be the same, but diet, workouts, and sleep will still be important to feel your best.