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Hormonal Balance After Not Training


Hi, this is a question about hormonal balance after not training for a month. Thank you very much for any responses.

After going to the gym 5 or more times a week for a year about a month and a half ago I stopped lifting regularly. For about 2 weeks I was going only half of my usual times and then for the past 3-4 weeks not going at all and barely doing any physical movement.

During the year of lifting my diet was great 95% of the time and only on a few occasional weeks towards the end did I end up eating terribly.

Now over these past 3-4 weeks of no lifting, I have done a lot of sleeping (at least 10 hours a day), had low protein (I weigh 185lb and have been having anywhere from 50-125g protein a day, with a few days going possibly lower) and had about half of a diet calories coming from candy bars. The amount of total calories I've been eating has greatly varied.

Some days I won't eat for 12 hours, some days I'll eat a lot at one time; there has been no schedule at all. Also over the past week I stopped taking any multivitamins and about three days ago I noticed my face broke out worse and much different than usual but somehow it has now cleared up.

What I want to know is if anyone knows how my hormones may have been acting during this past month and act in general. I remember reading that athletes who trained often may have lower free T than those who don't and the facial acne may mean my T shot up but I was wondering if anyone has a more detailed answer of how Test, Estrogen and any other hormonal factors, cellular functioning and other "behind the scenes" mechanisms or controllers in the body may have changed or interacted as well as any sources I could read up on to understand more.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.


If you're asking us about your hormone levels, all we can offer is speculation. And unless you had a full hormone profile done beforehand and you plan on repeating that now, that's all it ever will be.

So instead of that, I advise you to start believing that your body needed this recent time off from the gym and go ahead and get things started again. And once you're training consistently again, it'll be easy to resume your proper eating habits again.