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Hormesis and Why Anti-oxidants Are Unhealthy


I have been reading up in the emerging field of hormesis and came across this article whose author is highly critical of anti-oxidant use. Thought some here might be interested in reading this: http://gettingstronger.org/2011/03/the-case-against-antioxidants/


I don't have time to really read the entire article right now, just skimmed over it, but I do think it is important to note that his argument is not against antioxidants per se, its against antioxidant supplements.


Really interesting article, thanks for posting!


Yes, you are right to point that out. That is, of course, what I meant.


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I've noticed the same thing -- that taking Vitamin C or E before workouts seems to decrease my endurance. I think that this article is right -- taking supplements seems to impair our natural antioxidant defense. What's really interesting about the article is that we can turn on a much more potent natural antioxidant defense (glutathione and the like) by eating vegetables, fruits and herbs that contain certain polyphenol chemicals. Makes sense. I always thought the antioxidant supplements were a rip-off!


That was a very interesting read.

One thing that occurs to me is that perhaps the antioxidants provide a recovery window for the A.R.E. system when its 'tested' with polyphenols. Sort of like getting your PWO nutrition and a days rest after weight training.

The S.A.I.D. principle seems to apply here.


Yes, I agree, but sometimes the so-called anti-oxidant supplements have other good qualities. For example, some of you may be interested in reading
this article on Resveratrol by Calabrese (the top researcher on hormesis in the U.S.):

He indicates that resveratrol is bi-phasic. At low doses, it has heart healthy effects and as an estrogen agonist. Low dose would be a glass or two of wine.
At high doses, it tends to lose that heart-healthy effect, maybe even noxious for the heart, but acts as an estrogen antagonist.


All I have to say is DAMN YOU HAVE GONE A LONG TIME.


I haven't had one touch of the flu or a cold since starting daily use of superfood when it came out a few years ago.

I'll side with my personal results over what this guy thinks he knows.


Thanks for noticing! Yeah, the web filter at work doesn't let me access T-Nation. As I have kids, I don't have much time after work, so I don't get up here very often anymore.


No, this guy is saying that whole fruit/vegetable intake is healthier than supplementing with isolated antioxidants...Superfood is whole fruits and vegetables, albeit in freeze-dried form.


Yeah I don't like supplementing with any antioxidants...

Cancer Prevention II Study: 5 yrs+ of multivitamin use showed 30% increase in fatal prostate cancer

AARP Study: members aged 50-71 using excessive multivitamin (>7x/week) showed increased risk of fatal prostate cancer

SELECT study was halted prematurely, finding that vitamin E supplements may increase prostate cancer risk

CARET study, men who took beta carotene had 50% greater risk for aggressive prostate cancer

Meta-analysis study: Treatment with beta carotene, vitamin A, vitamin E may increase mortality