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Horizontal Pulls/Rowing


Alright, I just wanted to post all the horizontal pulls I can think of, because I know sometimes I get into a rut where I stick to one movement choice for longer then I like. Hopefully y'all will add some I missed or don't even know about

Bent over rows, barbell
Bent over rows dumbell
Bent over rows, one arm, barbell
seated cable rows
machine rows
dumbell rows laying prone on bench
face pulls
invert rows, i.e. fat boy pull ups

I'd even add pulling a truck or HEAVY sled with a harness and rope.


T-Bar Row
One Arm Dumbbell Row
Seated Cable Row
Wide Grip Seated Cable Row


Good ol' deads always tear-up my scapulae retractors!




To add to the above list:

Pull ups, all variations,
Lat pull down
High Pull.
Shrugs, all variations
Lunges (Contract your back hard to pull the bar into it)
Squats (ditto)
Stiff Legs