Horizon Foods?


Does anyone know anything about this food service company or have any experience ordering from them? This guy drove up to my house in a covered pickup with a freezer full of meat in the back. It is all flash frozen and individually packaged and looks really good. The price is more than in the supermarket, but it is all trimmed, portioned and ready to cook. It also supposedly thaws much quicker and easier because of the flash freezing.

It comes in big boxes. I did buy just one box to try it - lemon chicken. It was $77 for 22 pieces all marinated and wrapped, ready to go. It was pretty tasty.

The food is all natural, no growth hormones, no antibiotics, minimally processed, etc. Here’s the page with more details on that part: http://www.horizonfoods.com/faqs.jsp

I’m not a huge steak fan, but they looked really good, as did the chicken and salmon. So I can place an order whenever I want and the guy will deliver it.

I am a bargain hunter by nature, but to really compare price, I have to take into consideration the quality, already trimmed and packaged portions, etc. I’m thinking of making some room in my freezer for a few more items.

Anyone have any input? Thanks!

Looks pretty good. I would think there is some value in having it all portioned out and flash frozen like that. I sometimes buy steak from the grocery store and freeze it (usually eat it right away, but that’s an impulse control issue I’m working through…) and it just never thaws out right.

You never know how old the meat is before you freeze it, unless your grocer processes the meat on-site (in front of you no less). Mine does not. There are a few other places in my area you can get fresher meat, but it’s very pricey compared to the grocery store. That’s probably what I would use as a comparison for this place, not your local supermarket.

Let us know how good it is as you get into it more.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Anyone else?

I used to date a girl who worked for Horizon here in Dallas.

Great food and great customer service. I would highly recomend.

I almost missed this - thanks! I’m trying to use up a lot of the frozen food in my freezer over the next few weeks to make room for some of their stuff, especially the salmon.

I’ll report how it goes. :slight_smile: