Horbaach Multi Collagen

I used to be one of those meatheads that maligned collagen. Back then I might have argued that collagen lacks certain essential amino acids, that it was an “incomplete” protein, and even the amino acids it does contain are in too short a supply to build muscle.

I also use to repeatedly point out that protein bar companies often jam collagen into their products (mostly for taste and texture) but then include it, kind of disingenuously, in the grams of protein advertised on the label, but I now regard that as a misdemeanor supplement crime instead of a capital one.

So yeah, I’ve done an about face in regards to collagen. The truth is, I think collagen as a supplement is hot shit right now, not for any muscle building properties, but for a host of other reasons, chief among them the following:

• Restoring lost collagen in ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and skin.
• Reducing joint pain.
• Potentially speeding up wound healing.
• Potentially helping to heal damaged digestive tracts and leaky guts.
• Sparing protein.

Take 10 grams a day of a collagen blend that contains type I, type II, and type III collagen. If it also contains type V and X, all the better.

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