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Hoping to Start TRT. Bloodwork Results. Advice?

Hello could give me a hand please

In March of this year I consulted a endocrinologa because I felt a bit ungained and with low energy, but had no problems with erections, the Doctor made me blood analysis and threw these results

FSH 42 MIU/ML–1.4 to 18.1 MIU/ml
LH 16.7 MUI/ML–1.5 to 9.3 miu/ml
Estradiol Plasmatic 38.9 pg/ML–Lower 38.9 pg/ML
Prolactin 13.4 ng/ml 2.1 to 17.7 ng/ml
Total testosterone 5.78 ng/ml–2.41 to 8.27 ng/ml

I gave a nebido injection on the 16th of March, to balance my axis supposedly and that the FSH lower, like LH because I diagnose with primary hypogonadism
With Nebido I felt the first week with a lot of sexual desire and then went down but remained relatively well until almost 4 months. Here I leave the analysis that made me

Analysis May 9 would be almost a little after a month of injection

FSH 17 IU/ml–1 to 15 IU/ml
LH 4 IU/ml–1 to 35 IU/ml
Total testosterone 4.08 ng/ml–2.40 to 8.30 ng/ml
Free Testosterone 330 Pmol/L–204 to 637 Pmol/L

I felt pretty good though my total testosterone was lower than before the injection I felt I could have more sex at night

He told me to repeat the analyses. I did the day 27 July, bone a week after 4 months

FSH 25 ML–1 to 15 IU/ml
LH 8–1 to 35 IU/ml
Prolactin 15–1 to 18 ng/ml
Estradiol 34 PG/ML–20 to 90 PG/ML
Total Testosterone 3.42 ng/ml–2.40 to 8.30 ng/ml
Free Testosterone 425 pmol/L----204 to 637 pmol/L

With these results told me that I was not going to give Nebido since my axis was settling and eventually I would nod better…

They spent 4 months of a hell friends, wait to see if my axis was accommodating little bit not that I pass but I was losing my erections of the morning stop having sex I almost do not currently have since my erections are not what they were , desperate I did a complete hormonal analysis with everything to see what is happening to me and these are the results

FSH 33.74 MIU/ml–0.95 to 11.95 MIU/ml
LH 10.74 MUI/ML–0.57 to 12.07 MIU/ml
prolactin 15.02 ng/ml–3.46 to 19.40 ng/ml
Estradiol less than 15 pg/ML–up to 44 pg/ML
Progesterone 0.3 ng/ml–0.1-0.2
SHBG 34.40 nmol/L–17.10 to 77.60 nmol/L
Total Testosterone 4.45 ng/ml–2.40 to 8.70 ng/ml
Testosterone bioavailable 2.10 ng/ml–1.78 to 4.73 ng/ml
FREE Testosterone 89.65 PG/ML–57.10 to 178.52 pg/ML
Cortisol 20.7 ug/dl–3.7 to 19.4 ug/dl
PSA 0.56 ng/ml–0 to 4 ng/ml

I really do not understand much but I read a lot and what I call the attention is that my estradiol is super low, Capable I need to have the highest estradiol I had always above 30 not because under so much blow

The total testosterone I see higher than in Nebido and yet I feel worse, free testosterone is 2 or 3 percent bone that is not so so down my free testosterone SHBG I see within the range
Cortisol I see very high, I reckon it must be for all this bad time I’m going and how I feel

Please help me with what you know, I’ll go to another endocrinologa and take all these studies to see what I say, but I would like your opinions so it was less than it may have happened or I could tell the doctor
I think that with that level of testosterone will not give me testosterone therapy, but also if it really helped me testosterone therapy
I think estradiol is affecting me if I need a testosterone therapy, Nebido could work for me??? Because I do not have a SHBG so high maybe the injections every 3 months if they work well in my case, because I read that Nebido not work well if you have a high SHBG and I have SHBG high
I with the injection of Nebido I felt good almost 4 months… osea that adjusting the dose to injections every 10 weeks or 8 excellent Gaitia

Or would I have to increase my estradiol in blood? How do I increase my estradiol now after this?

Sera that it was still completely nebido of my blood and that my axis is still half stopped, because before the injection my LH was 17 almost that means that it sent enough pulses to produce testosterone, and now is 10 is like that is settling? Out there a unicycle with Clomid would not help me accelerate the recovery process?

I need advice

or would it be better for me to wait until my hormone lh continues to rise a little more, being more stimulated means that the pulses are more constant or not? and that means you’re producing more testosterone?

before the injection my hormone lh was 16 and the ranges for a man are from 5 to 20 is not it?

Nebido is trash and you won’t find any members here on it, keeping consistent levels is difficult and rarely do men see therapeutic levels on Nebido. You need 50mg Test ethanate twice weekly or sustanon 250 every 5 days and a competent doctor which will be almost impossible to locate in a state healthcare system such as the NHS.

The reason you felt better with testosterone lower is because estrogen was lower, sometimes lowering the Test dosage should lower estrogen on it’s own and when that isn’t enough you may need some form of estrogen management, a low dose anastrozole or aromasin may be needed to help block the conversion of testosterone into estrogen through the aromatase process driven by higher body fat percentage above 20 percent.

You can also lower estrogen by injection testosterone more frequently, I convert more testosterone to estrogen when injecting large doses (50mg twice weekly) than I do injecting 20mg every other day, it is because in a given week I have less testosterone (-20mg) in my system and therefore estrogen is lower as a result.

You could go further and inject doses everyday using smaller amount of testosterone lowering estrogen even more. There is a variability in the stickiness of SHBG from person to person, yours is binging as if SHBG is higher. Doctors tend to create a cookie cutter approach to TRT and put everyone on the same dosage and injection frequency and therefore results are hit and miss.

No thyroid testing, ferritin and cortisol is too high. Normally when men start TRT LH and FSH are almost completely suppressed and LH and FSH should have been near zero shorty after starting TRT. You have something else going on do to the extremely high FSH and LH. Testicular cancer could be a cause for extremely high FSH and LH while on TRT.

This is where having a knowledgeable doctor is a game changer, without one TRT will be a failure and most quit TRT as a result starting and stopping several times. Balance my hormones in Dorset may be an option for you, I believe it’s a telemedicine clinic.

Most endocrinologists and urologist will be completely ignorant in sex hormones therapies. Suggest going private to locate a hormone expert and stay away from the NHS, TRT is a new field of medicine and is why so many doctors are clueless.

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trt is not a game and I never thought that a single injection could have caused me so much depression and erection problems after my blood was gone. I was two months very bad and I currently feel that I do not have the same libido I had before touching my axis. My fsh is high because I have a bilateral varicocele and I plan to operate it next year to see if my levels improve after the operation. here there are no very good doctors who understand about trt and I am very afraid to adventure on this trip. I wish I could feel like before the injection at least where my head was not worried about an erection and I felt better than after this injection. I think the doctor if she wanted to start on trt should have given me the gel or Cypionate injections that go faster from the blood and my shaft had recovered faster … what is happening to me I do not wish anyone to hope that my axis fits a bit to what was before is hell. there is no possibility of stimulating my axis naturally so that the lh releases pulses more often than before, because I feel that at night I start to feel worse. I had thought for now to continue without any therapy and just keep taking maca to stimulate my hormone lh and I also took zma at night and thought to put some natural testosterone precursor that has tribulus fenugreek and take cialis to pass meanwhile this bad time … and You lie so much looking for a doctor who knows from trt someone with experience that can accompany me on this trip

I mean estrogen the lower the better?
because then before the injection I had an estrogen almost to the limit and my libido was higher than now that the estrogen is lower

I know there are many questions but you do not know how useful your answers are because I can not find anyone who can help me. No one has knowledge

Do not you know any doctor from Argentina or a user who is in Argentina who can help me do things right?